Honorary Doctors

  1. JAN SAFAREWICZ, Full Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor, Cracow Jagellonian University (1979; deceased in 1992)
  2. ZDENEK ČEŠKA, Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Rector of Charles University, Pr­ague (1979)
  3. WERNER SCHELER, Professor, Germany (1979)
  4. VALDAS VOLDEMARAS ADAMKUS, Administrator of the 5th Regional Environmental Protection Agency, USA (1989)
  5. CZESLAW OLECH, Director of International Mathematical Banach Centre, Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor, Warsaw University (1989)
  6. CHRISTIAN WINTER, Professor, Frankfurt am Main University (Germany) (1989)
  7. VACLOVAS DARGUŽAS (Andreas Hofer), Doctor of Medicine (Switzerland) (1991; deceased in 2009)
  8. EDVARDAS VARNAUSKAS, Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Sweden) (1992)
  9. MARTYNAS YČAS, Professor, New York State University (1992; deceased in 2014)
  10. PAULIUS RABIKAUSKAS, Professor, Gregorius University (Rome, Italy) (1994; deceased in 1998)
  11. TOMAS REMEIKIS, professor, Indiana Calumet College (USA) (1994; deceased in 2013)
  12. WILLIAM SCHMALSTIEG, Professor, Pennsylvania University (USA) (1994)
  13. VLADIMIR TOPOROV, Professor, Institute of Slavonic Languages, Russian Academy of Sciences (1994; deceased in 2005)
  14. VÁCLAV HAVEL, President of the Czech Republic (1996; deceased in 2011)
  15. ALFRED LAUBEREAU, Head of the Experimental Physics Department, Munich Technical University, Professor, Bairoit University (1997)
  16. NIKOLAJ BACHVALOV, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Computational Mathematics Department, Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow M. Lomonosov University (1997; deceased in 2005)
  17. RAINER ECKERT, Professor, Director of the Institute of Baltic Studies, Greifswald University (1997)
  18. JULIUSZ BARDACH, Professor, Warsaw University (Poland) (1997; deceased in 2010)
  19. THEODOR HELLBRUGGE, founder and Head of the Munich Children Centre, Institute of Social Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Professor, Munich University (Germany) (1998; deceased in 2014)
  20. FRIEDRICH SCHOLZ, Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Baltic Studies, Professor, Munich University (Germany) (1998)
  21. ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, Professor of government (USA) (1998)
  22. MARIA WASNA, Doctor, Professor, psychologist, Rector of Münster University (Germany) (1999)
  23. LUDWIK PIECHNIK, Professor of History, Cracow Papal Theological Academy (Poland) (1999; deceased in 2006)
  24. SVEN LARS CASPERSEN, Professor of Economics, President of the World Rector’s Association, Rector of Aalborg University (Denmark) (1999)
  25. WOLFGANG P. SCHMID, Professor, Göttingen University (Germany) (2000)
  26. EDUARD LIUBIMSKIJ, Professor, Moscow University (Russia) (2000)
  27. ANDRZEJ ZOLL, Professor, Cracow Jagellonian University (Poland) (2002)
  28. DAGFINN MOE, Professor, Bergen University (Norway) (2002)
  29. JURIJ STEPANOV, Professor, Moscow University (Russia) (2002; deceased in 2012)
  30. ERNST RIBBAT, Professor, Münster University (Germany) (2002)
  31. SVEN EKDAHL, Professor, Prussian Secret Archives in Berlin (Germany) (2004)
  32. PETER ULRICH SAUER, Professor, Hanover University (Germany) (2004)
  33. PETER GILLES, Johan Wolfgang Geothe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) (2004)
  34. FRANCIS ROBICSEK, Carolinas Heart Institute at Carolinas Medical Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) (2004)
  35. ALEKSANDER KWAŚNIEWSKI, President of the Republic of Poland (2005)
  36. VLADIMIR SKULACHEV, Professor, Moscow M. Lomonosov University (Russia) (2005)
  37. VASSILIOS SKOURIS, Professor, President of the European Court of Justice (2005)
  38. PIETRO UMBERTO DINI, Professor, University of Pisa (Italy) (2005)
  39. JACQUES ROGGE, President of the International Olympic Committee (2006)
  40. GUNNAR KULLDORFF, Professor, Umeå University (Sweden) (2006)
  41. REINHARDT BITTNER, Professor, Tubingen University Academic Hospital in Schtutgart (Germany) (2007)
  42. WOJCIECH SMOCZYŃSKI, Professor, Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland) (2007)
  43. GEORG VÖLKEL, Professor, University of Leipzig (Germany) (2008)
  44. HELMUT KOHL, Professor, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Germany) (2008)
  45. IMRE KÁTAI, Professor of Mathematics, Budapest Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary) (2010)
  46. ANDRES METSPALU, Professor of Medicine, Tartu University (Estonia) (2010)
  47. JURIJ KUZMENKO, Professor of Philology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany) and the Institute for Linguistics Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences (2011)
  48. ALGIS MICKUNAS, Professor of Philosophy and Phenomenology, Ohio University (USA) (2011)
  49. ANDRZEJ GOSPODAROWICZ,  Professor, Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland) (2011)
  50. ROBERT HUBER, Professor of Biochemistry, Nobel Prize Laureate, director-emeritus of Max-Planck Institute and  professor of the Technische Universität in Munich (Germany) (2011)
  51. MARKUS WOLFGANG BÜCHLER, Professor, University of Heidelberg (Germany) (2012)
  52. THOMAS RUZICKA, Professor, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany) (2012)
  53. HARTMUT FUEß, Professor, Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) (2013)
  54. GRAHAM R. FLEMING, Professor, University of California Berkeley (USA) (2013)
  55. MICHAEL SHUR, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (USA) (2015)
  56. JÓN BALDVIN HANNIBALSSON, politician, economist and diplomat (Iceland) (2015)
  57. SANJAY MATHUR, Professor, Cologne University (Germany) (2016)
  58. PETER SCHEMMER, Professor, University of Heidelberg (Germany) (2016)
  59. OTMAR SEUL, Professor, Paris Nanterre University (France) (2017)
  60. MARIE-CLAUDE VIANO, Professor, Lille 1 University - Science and Technology (France) (2017)