Sample preparation for optical measurements

Sample preparation for optical measurements

Sukurta: 26 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Sample preparation, organic compounds, films, solutions, spin-coating, weighing, preparation of solutions, cleaning with UV-ozone, cleaning with plasma, organic solvents, organic electronics, OLED, solar cells, sensors

Preparation of films and solutions of organic compounds for optical measurements. Spin-coating of films from solutions. Weighing of materials and preparation of solutions with preferable concentration. Cleaning of substrates with UV-ozone, plasma, organic solvents.

Dimensions of substrate not smaller than: length – 300 nm, width – 100 nm.
Speed of plasma generation - 40 ±10% kHz.
Power of plasma generator – continuously changeable from 0 to 100 W.
Weighing interval 0.0002-21 g, step size 0.002 mg, repeatability 0.004 mg.
Substrate size not less than: 15 cm for round substrates, 10 cm side of quadratic substrates.
Rotation frequency range – from 0 to 10000 rpm.
Heating substrate holder 15x15 cm, up to 150°C.
Neutralization rate 10 l/min.
Technical oxygen gas.

Application. Sample preparation stage is one of the most important steps ensuring correct estimation of sample parameters which is mandatory in order to successfully adapt organic compounds in modern organic electronics devices (organic light emitting diodes, organic solar cells, sensors). 

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