Electron beam induced current measurements (EBIC)

Electron beam induced current measurements (EBIC)

Sukurta: 26 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: P-n juncture surface of semiconductor compounds, electrical properties, electron beam-induced current, EBIC, scanning electron microscope, SEM, CamScan, Apollo 300, optoelectronics, LED, solar cells, diodes

Invesitigation of carrier diffusion length, spatial distribution of defects by GATAN SmartEBIC equipment. The equipment is designed for investigating the electrical properties of semiconductor materials and p-n junctures (measurement of diffusion distance distances, coupling, or surface electrical conductivity mapping).

The EBIC signal is associated with the SEM image. There are EBIC signal optimization tools. It is possible to measure U-I characteristics of the sample. The specimen holder has 2 probes. The specimen holder can be rotated up to 180 degreees. Maximum sample diameter 1 cm.

Application. Application in electronics and optoelectronics industries (LEDs, field transistors, solar cells, diodes and various sensors with p-n coupling). The possibility of investigating the quality of various semiconductor p-n junctures (width of junctures, load carrier track). 

Contacts: Dr. Arūnas Kadys, tel. +37060034126,