Measurements of luminescence under stationary and quasistationary conditions in NIR spectral region

Sukurta: 27 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Luminescence, NIR spectral region, NIR spectrometer, semiconductors, semiconductor compounds

NIR spectrometer with InGaAs-based CCD camera is used for luminescence measurements in NIR spectral region.

This system can be used for luminescence measurements under stationary and quasi-stationary conditions in the spectral range of 0.8-2.2 µm.
CW He-Cd laser (442 nm), He-Ne laser (632 nm) and blue laser diode (405 nm) can be used for excitation.
Spectral range of CCD: 0.8-2.2 µm.
Possibility to couple fiber to spectrometer.
He-Cd laser: 442 nm, max power 50 mW.
He-Ne laser: 632 nm, max power 10 mW.
Blue laser diode: 405 nm, max power 150 mW.
CW or pulsed laser or LED of any wavelength could be used for excitation.

Application. Semiconductor and semiconductor compounds industry. 

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