Elektrochemical measurements and testing

Elektrochemical measurements and testing

Sukurta: 28 November 2018
Unit: Life Sciences Center
Keywords: Electrochemical studies, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, protein-membrane

Investigation of electrochemiocal processes, testing and celicbration of sensors, electrochemical formation and surface modification.

Electrochemical studies of materials and processes on electrodes. Complex research projects, including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and EIS data analysis are available. Materials provided by user or APC can be used for the studies. Original surface immobilized phospholipid bilayer technology for protein-membrane interaction studies is available.

Application. Studies on protein-ligand binding. Studies on protein (peptide) interaction with phospholipide membranes. Studies on biomolecule adsorbtion.

Contacts: Dr. Tadas Ragaliauskas, tel. +370 5 223 4401,