DNA Sequencing with the Sequencing Kit supplied by customer

DNA Sequencing with the Sequencing Kit supplied by customer

Sukurta: 28 November 2018
Unit: Life Sciences Center
Keywords: Sequencing, Determination of DNA sequence, scientific research, biochemistry, biotechnology, biopharmacy, microbiology, macrobiology, technologies

The DNA Sequencing Centre (SC) uses ABI (Applied Biosystems) 16-capillary 3130xl sequencer. Cycle Sequencing Reaction is performed by Sanger's dideoxy Terminator Method.

The sequencing is done with BigDye® Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit. Type of DNA templates sequenced - plasmid DNA, PCR product, BAC/phage/cosmid clones etc. The customers are invited provide a purified DNA samples: after generation, PCR products need to be purified to remove excess primers and dNTPs. Purification can be done either enzymatically, or by passing through a column or from a gel. Please consult our recommendations for template preparation to avoid failures. Sequencing results are provided by e-mail in two files: ".seq'' as a text file and the ''.ab1'' as a electropherogram. 

Application. Scientific research.

Contacts: Eglutė Rudokienė, +370 5 223 4370,