Business School

Unit: Business School
Keywords: International business, finance, digital marketing, business management, finance management,

Institute of International Relations and Political Science

Unit: Institute of International Relations and Political Science
Keywords: Political science, political behavior, institutions, European studies, International relations, political philosophy, history of ideas, nothern Europe, public administration, policy analysis

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Unit: Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Keywords: Applied mathematics, computer science, data science, digital technologies, differntial equations, statistical analysis, computational, data modeling, mathematical computer science, software engineering, cyber security lab, mathematical analysis, methodology, probability theory, number theory, IT research center

Life Sciences Center

Unit: Life Sciences Center
Keywords: Biosciences, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, botany, genetics, ecology, environmental, microbiology, neurobiology, biophysics, zoology, bioassay, bioelectrochemistry, biospectroscopy, biological model, xenobiotics, cell, proteomics, bioorganic compound, proteins, nucleic acids, bioinformatics, biotermodynamics, medicines research, DNA modification, eukaryotes genes, immunobiology, cell biology, microtechnology, applied biocatalysis

Faculty of Physics

Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Chemical Physics, photonics, nanotechnology, laser research center, applied electrodynamics, telecommunications, theoretical physics, astronomy, experimental nuclear and particle physics, femtosecond, terahertz, nanophotonics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, molecular theory, simulation, spectroscopy

Faculty of Philosophy

Unit: Faculty of Philosophy
Keywords: Philosophy, logic, sociology, transculture, history of philosophy, clinical psychology, social work, social politics, education science, analytical philosophy, religion studies, continental philosophy, scientific philosophy, theoretical philosophy, cognitive psychology, suicideology, psychopathology, psychotraumaology, psychodynamics, criminology, education policy

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Unit: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Keywords: Accounting, audit, business, economic informatics, economic policy, theoretical economics, finance, management, marketing, modeling, quantitative methods, administration

Faculty of chemistry and geosciences

Unit: Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences
Keywords: chemistry, geosciences, nanotechnology, nanotechnas, analytical and environmental chemistry, applied chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer, geography, land management, hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrology, climatology, geology, minerology, cartography, geoinformatics