Research teams

Research teams

Computational structural biology and bioinformatics

Keywords: Computational biology, structural bioinformatics, protein 3D structure, molecular dynamics, molecular docking, homology modeling, protein sequence analysis, protein-protein interactions, protein-DNA interactions, DNA replication and repair

Photophysical Properties of Organic Materials

Keywords: spraying, electrospraying, mobility, time of flight, ionization potential, electron counter, spectral distribution of photogeneration and absorption, spectral photoconductivity

Strategies in Antimicrobial Therapy, Protein Engineering and Application in Biotechnology

Keywords: microbial biocontrol, pulsed electric field, antimicrobial therapy, protein engineering, enzyme modifications

Laser Matter Interaction Group

Keywords: ultrafast laser micromachining, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), optical parametrical interactions, supercontinuum in PCF, vector vortex beams, terahertz spectroscopy

Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Group

Keywords: femtosecond filamentation, supercontinuum generation, few optical cycle pulses

Biophotonics Group

Keywords: photosensitization, nanoparticles, nanomedicine, optical biopsy, upconversion, non-linear microscopy

Vilnius University Trauma research group

Keywords: psychotraumatology, trauma, stress-related disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adjustment disorder (AjD), complex PTSD (CPTSD), evidence-based treatment, internet-based intervention, psychological assessment

Intelligent systems and knowledge based applications

Keywords: Intelligent systems, machine learning, neural network, fuzzy systems, financial anomalies detection, marketing systems, big data, efficient health care system, logistic analysis, cyber security, high frequency trading

Political behaviour, subjectivity and contention

Keywords: political participation, electoral behaviour, party politics, political attitudes, civil society, social movements, social networks,political communication, memory politics, (post)Soviet

Organizational ethics and social responsibility

Keywords: environmental management, ethical culture of an organization, integrity management, organizational ethics, organizational trust, responsible leadership, socio-cultural context, social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, sustainable innovation

Accounting and finance problems and improving current practise

Keywords: Financial accounting, management accounting, public sector accounting, information disclosure, financial statements, risk management, tax burden, internal control, financial institutions, commercial bank, intellectual capital

Business development

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, innovation, value-added creation, competitiveness, international business management, human resource management, consumer behaviour, marketing communication, business environment

Cultural industries and innovativeness

Keywords: Communication, creative class, creative industries, cultural heritage, cultural policy, gender studies, innovativeness, innovation, social media, tourism

Explorations of social gender manifestations in the society

Keywords: Gender in organizations (motivation, communication, etc.), professions (arts, science, etc.), economic sectors (public, private), and cultural/creative industries; Lithuanian women’s movement, women’s activities in emigration.

Laser Nanophotonics Group

Keywords: ultrafast laser 3D nanolithography, multiphoton processing, nanophotonics, microoptics, biomedicine, biomaterials, light-matter interaction, optical 3D printing, 4D printing

Nitride epitaxial technology and device research group

Keywords: GaN, InGaN, AlGaN, nitrides, epitaxy, layer, quantum well, surface functionalization, photonics, hybrid structures, device

Intelligent data mining, visualization and image processing

Keywords: Data Mining, Multidimensional Data Visualization, Dimensionality Reduction, Big Data, Image Processing, Recommendation System, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Technologies, Blockchain Technologies

Multiwavelength Raman spectroscopy group (MRSG)

Keywords: Raman spectroscopy; Resonance; Excitation wavelength; Nanomaterials; Electrified interfaces; Functional materials; Carbon; Solar cells; SER

Dynamical Processes Modelling Group

Keywords: Excitation and charge transfer, photosynthesis, spectroscopy of molecular complexes, femtochemistry

Wireless Networks Research Group

Keywords: 4G LTE, 5G, wireless networks, electromagnetic compatibility, MIMO, Internet of Things, IoT, radio frequency radiation human exposure limits, HetNets, SEAMCAT, embedded electronics, radio link prototyping.

Functional inorganic materials

Keywords: Inorganic chemistry, functional materials, sol-gel synthesis, nanomaterials