VU Professors Awarded Lithuanian Science Prizes

VU Professors Awarded Lithuanian Science Prizes

Sukurta: 07 February 2022

3880100848 62a35717dc oThe Commission for Lithuanian Science Prizes has announced this year’s winners. Vilnius University (VU) community members received recognition for their contribution to science in as many as five fields out of seven.

In the field of humanities and social sciences, the prizes were awarded to VU Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Professor Tomas Baležentis for the research cycle ‘Multicriteria methods for integrated efficiency assessment and economic decision-making’ and VU Faculty of History Professor Darius Baronas for the cycle ‘Studies into Christianity in Lithuania: Political, Social, and Cultural-Historical Cross-Sections (1009–1795)’ (2006–2020).

In the field of physical sciences, the prizes went to VU Faculty of Physics Associate Professor Tomas Čeponis, Professor Eugenijus Gaubas, and Professor Juozas Vidmantis Vaitkus for the research cycle ‘Investigations into Effects of High Fluence on materials for Radiation Dosimetry and Development of Radiation Technologies’ (2006–2020).

In the field of biomedical and agricultural sciences, a prize was awarded to VU Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Habil. Vaidutis Kučinskas, Prof. Eglė Preikšaitienė, Associate Prof. Laima Ambrozaitytė, Prof. Loreta Cimbalistienė, and Dean Prof. Algirdas Utkus for the research cycle ‘Genome Rearrangements in Congenital Developmental Disorders of the Central Nervous System: Origins, Genomic Mechanisms, Functional and Clinical Consequences’ (2007–2020).

In the field of technological sciences, the Lithuanian Science Prize went to VU Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Prof. Gintautas Dzemyda and Prof. Olga Kurasova for the research cycle ‘From Data Science to Artificial Intelligence Technologies’ (2006–2020).

Lithuanian Science Prizes are awarded annually with the view to facilitating the development of science and providing a stimulus for productive researchers. There were seven prizes altogether: two in the fields of humanities and social sciences, physics, and biomedical and agricultural sciences each, and one in the field of technological sciences. A total of 24 works were nominated for the prizes. The prize amounts to EUR 32,760.