Vilnius University Invites to Support the Ukrainian Academic Community

Vilnius University Invites to Support the Ukrainian Academic Community

Sukurta: 24 February 2022

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Expressing support for the state and people of Ukraine and responding to recent events, Vilnius University (VU) offers free education and financial assistance to Ukrainian students if their higher education aspirations are disrupted. Support action for the Ukrainian academic community has also begun; everyone can participate.

"The news of the night is the fulfillment of the worst-case scenario. Therefore, mutual unity and support are now paramount. Therefore, Vilnius University is in solidarity with the people of Ukraine experiencing Russian aggression and, expressing support, is determined to prevent possible restrictions on academic freedom and higher education," says VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

Vilnius University invites all members of the VU community, citizens, and business representatives to contribute to the support of the Ukrainian academic community. Donations are available on the VU Foundation website. The donated money will reach those members of the academic community in Ukraine who need it the most.

VU has already approached its partners – Ukrainian universities – and expressed its support and determination to help them and share knowledge and resources. Scholarship applicants can apply now.

Vilnius University is also prepared to look for various ways to support partner universities' communities and help in case of need for asylum or support.

In 2020 The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship was set up for Belarusian students expelled from universities because of persecution for civil and political reasons. The VU is determined to provide an opportunity for Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Lithuania and apply for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship to ensure the continuity of academic life if needed.

On February 22, VU expressed support for Ukraine by lighting up its building in Ukrainian flag colors. Likewise, the VU will continue to support the initiatives of social and business partners by seeking to support democratic ideas mobilizing support for the Ukrainian state and its people. Furthermore, the University supports and unites the historically close peoples of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Lithuania and undertakes to spread the word and openly condemn academic and other violations of freedoms.