A Competition for the Position of a Postdoctoral Fellow Is Announced

A Competition for the Position of a Postdoctoral Fellow Is Announced

Sukurta: 11 May 2022

51129912235 c025e4fc1b kA competition for the position of a postdoctoral trainee at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies of Vilnius University (VU) is announced. Applications are accepted until June 10.

The two-year postdoc fellowship project will explore transformations in romantic love, marriage and gender relations in South Korean society. The research will be carried out under the supervision of Prof. Dr Victor de Munck and in close interaction with other members of his group.

This project will aim to understand the changing conceptions and practices of intimate relations among South Korean youth as they are an integral part of a larger process of societal transformation. The research will use a holistic approach to describe and analyze changes in perceptions of love, marriage, and gender relations in contemporary South Korea by considering the dynamics between cultural, economic and linguistic aspects of South Korean life.

The research will also investigate how these changes are influenced by the historically constituted norms and practices of gender relations, as well as contemporary gender images circulating in the media. More materially, the research will take into account economic factors affecting intimate relations and will research how these changes are reflected in linguistic practices.

The project will be conducted at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies

Budget: Staff cost: full-time work position – 2 152 Eur/per month (all taxes included); 24 months x 2 152 Eur., at all 51 648 Eur. Cost amount for project activities implementation – up to 10 000 Eur.

• PhD in Social Sciences or Humanities, preferably in the field of Sociocultural Anthropology;
• Experience in doing fieldwork in South Korea (advantage);
• English language skills (C1 level and above).

Application form
Please submit your completed Application form with Application attachments via email to

Enquiries regarding this position should be addressed to Prof. Dr Victor de Munck by email at  or to Ramunė Kasperavičiūtė-Černiauskienė by email at