The International conference The Coins 2012

The International conference The Coins 2012

Sukurta: 15 June 2012

The International conference The Coins 2012. You are kindly invited to participate at the International conference The Coins, which is organized with the International Conference "Life Sciences Baltics 2012", 11-14 September 2012.

We are inviting you to register for attending in our event at page

The COINS 2012 is engaged in an extensive composition of activities that give an opportunity for every student to present his/her researches to international audience in diverse sections. By creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between students and jury, "The COINS"

serves a platform for knowledge sharing, cultural exchanges and open-minded discussions.

Consideration. Encouraging students' interaction and communication in scientific, social and cultural fields Objective thinking. Motivation on students to do scientific research.

International experience. Giving students an opportunity to present their research to international audience. Educating young conscious scientists, who are aware of and tend to reach for their goal and acquainting with the newest scientific trends.