Bell Tower of St. John‘s Church Opens up for Visitors Again

Bell Tower of St. John‘s Church Opens up for Visitors Again

Sukurta: 14 April 2014

Bell Tower of St. John‘s Church. Photo by Andrius BulotaBell tower of St. John's church invites the citizens and the guests of Lithuania to admire the panorama of the Vilnius city. The mighty bell tower built in baroque style 400 years ago together with the baroque facade St. John's Church is a symbol of the Vilnius University.

Admission to the bell tower starts as of 14 April and it will stay open every day at 10AM–7PM during the April-May months and in September, whereas during the summer months it will stay open from 11AM to 8PM.

The bell tower of the church being 68 meters high is among the highest buildings in the Old Town. Visitors may use the authentic wooden stairs to reach the observation deck or a modern elevator, lifting up to 45 m in height.

Visitors are usually fascinated by Foucault's Pendulum demonstrating the effect of rotation of the Earth. The socket of pendulum entrenchment is installed on the second floor of the bell tower. During the day, the swinging ball changes its position and imitates the rotation of the Earth.