PR & Communication Officers Meet at Vilnius University

PR & Communication Officers Meet at Vilnius University

Sukurta: 14 May 2014

PR & Communication Officers Meet In Vilnius University.The 4th UNICA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe) PR & Communication Workshop „University PR & Communication tackling challenges: finding new ways to achieve your goals" will be hosted by Vilnius University on 15–16 May, 2014.


The European higher education landscape is undergoing rapid and major transformations brought on by the limited funding, growing globalisation and the increasing role of mobility and online learning.

Representatives from 16 European Universities are going to discuss how the university PR & Communication can effectively respond to the ongoing changes and new trends in higher education.

Discussions on the university communications in the digital age, on the expectations of the media, involvement of students and academics into a public affairs activity and on many other urgent issues will be held during the workshop, as well as case study presentations on effective social media and effective science communication delivered.

It comes as a tradition already that the Workshop's programme also includes a poster session. The aim of this year's poster session „Spend less, do more: maximising the use of small budgets in university PR & Communication" is to offer the Workshop participants an opportunity to share information on their activities carried out successfully with limited resources.