50 Years of the Vilnius University IT Centre

50 Years of the Vilnius University IT Centre

Sukurta: 20 May 2014

Minsk 22Vilnius University Centre of Information Technology Development (IT Centre) celebrates the 50th anniversary in May 2014.

Several generations of past and present employees of the IT Centre met to review the activities and achievements of the 50 years, starting from the first computing machine until the sophisticated data centre nowadays.

The history of the IT Centre began in 1963 when the Department of Computing Laboratory was founded at the Faculty of Physics-Mathematics by the initiative of the Rector Jonas Kubilius. In 1964 the first generation vacuum tube electronic calculating machine "Minsk - 14" was purchased and switched on.

In 1980 the new building was built in the Sunrise Campus, where IT Centre is located up to now. It was developed into a new modern data centre in 2013. Nowadays IT Centre serves over 25 thousand of e-mail and information systems users, it stores and services over 500 web sites, the telephone system connects 1220 subscribers, the IT Centre services over 300 wireless access points, operates over 350 km of optical fiber cables.