Conference on Gender Equality in CEE Countries

Sukurta: 05 November 2020

NK 02815Lithuanian social research centre (LSRC) and Vilnius University are organizing international conference “Gender equality in CEE countries: Policies and practices 2020 / Institutional change through implementation of GEPs at the RPOs and RFOs in the CEE countries”. With this event we aim to bring together promoters and implementers of the Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) focused H2020 projects and researchers exploring gender issues in science in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

During the 2 days conference on the 12-13 of November 2020, we will share experience of institutional change focused activities and bring together ideas of possible solutions prevailing in this field of knowledge and practice as well as discuss the most recent results of research on gender issues in science in the CEE countries, different cultural, political, economic, and other contexts. You can find more about content of the conference at the Conference website.

If you would be interested in giving a presentation in one of the conference sessions, please visit the Guidelines for the submission at the Conference website. Selected conference papers will be published in special issue of Public Policy and Administration after passing usual peer review process.

However, you are also mostly welcome to take part in the Conference without presentation. The Conference programme is available here

Participation in the Conference is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Please register here.

We hope you will be able to join us!