The Key to Success in International Project is Strong Partners and Continuity

MINETRAIN Jari Joutsenvaara 038Vilnius University (VU) Business School has successfully completed its participation in the project The Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN). During the project, an association uniting European underground laboratories was established, a network of underground mines and laboratories in the Baltic Sea region was developed, and their opportunities for business and innovation were analysed. Various researches and analyses of the business environment and development opportunities have been carried out in these underground mines. The project was judged extremely successful, so its extension was approved with even more ambitious goals.

"This project has been going on for more than two years and has brought really great results; we believe that the work done together will contribute to greater business and scientific cooperation, new opportunities for innovation and development of the Baltic region. The project is also unique because while participating in it the Business School has expanded its network of international partners and established extremely strong and reliable relationships. We can already be happy with the new cooperation ideas and projects that we are starting to implement. We believe that this will bring a lot of benefits to the community of the Business School and the entire University,” VU Business School Director Dr Birutė Miškinienė says.

BSUIN project involved 14 partners and 18 associated organizations from 9 countries in the Baltic Sea region. VU Business School was responsible for the field of business analysis, spreading and developing the information of the project and the BSUIN network proposal package for the future.

“The BSUIN project was assessed as extremely successful. The excellent work of the partners also determined the desire to ensure the continuity of the results obtained during this project by overcoming the European Underground Laboratories Association. To achieve this goal, we received the approval to work together for another 9 months and achieve truly ambitious goals. We believe that even after the end of the project, this association will continue to successfully contribute to the creation of an innovation ecosystem in the Baltic States and the European region, and we are very happy to be a part of it,” Vytenis Mockus, head of one part of the project says.

In the new project, VU Business School will be responsible for the marketing of the project.

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