Nord Security and Vilnius University Partner Up to Develop Innovative Solutions

P1074638 EditVilnius University (VU) and the cyber security solutions developer Nord Security have signed a cooperation agreement. The parties have agreed to strengthen the partnership between tertiary education and business and to develop joint initiatives in the process of designing and improving cybersecurity products and services. In the long run, new partners also aim to enhance and further develop the competencies of software engineering, data analysis, statistics, and mathematics students.

“In order to continue as an attractive establishment of studies and learning for students, we have to make sure that our graduates have the skills to mirror dynamic needs of the labour market. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the IT sector: its progress and integration in other business and industrial segments is very intensive yet always changing and shaping new challenges both: for IT professionals employed by companies like Nord Security and researchers involved in this field. I am therefore very excited that, uniquely diverse in the range of this activity, this partnership with Nord Security will offer excellent value in the quest for new scientific solutions in association with cyber security and big-data researchers and will become significant part of studies driven by applied knowledge,” says VU Rector prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

The Head of Nord Security's Business Enablement Department, Ramūnas Markauskas, was happy with the budding partnership and new possibilities opening for business and VU academic society.

"Currently, one of our priorities is for Nord Security to strengthen our partnerships with universities and the academic society. Therefore, we're very excited to have signed this agreement with Vilnius University, the alma mater of many of our executives and employees. This agreement will allow the company and the university's community finding common ground to develop high-level scientific products, innovative solutions. It'll also establish opportunities to nurture and encourage young professionals to make discoveries and further explore cybersecurity and other IT fields. It is no doubt that this partnership will expand our view regarding product development. In turn, we can offer valuable practical knowledge for the academic society about cutting-edge solutions and tech," says R. Markauskas.

Nord Security is one of the world's leading cybersecurity solutions providers, with more than 15 million users worldwide. At present the company's product family includes five advanced cybersecurity solutions that have earned high praise from major tech outlets and cybersec experts: NordVPN, NordVPN Teams, NordPass, NordLocker, and NordWL.

Currently, Nord Security has around 1,000 professionals working in different areas of the company. They're actively engaged in promoting further development of their employees by hosting in-house academies, building partnerships, and providing various trainings for skill development.


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