VU Light Installation “From Here the Way Leads to the Stars” on Universitetas Street

Sukurta: 28 December 2021

MicrosoftTeams imageVilnius University (VU) invites Vilnius residents and guests to raise their eyes to the sky, where light installation of stars is shining on Universiteto Street between VU and the Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania. “From here the way leads to the stars” (Lat. Hinc itur ad astra) has been the motto of Vilnius University for many years, and this year, you are invited to celebrate the University’s past, present, and future stars – the members of the community and their achievements – in the form of a Christmas installation.

“This year, we received news about an exceptional achievement for Vilnius University. In the QS World University Rankings, VU has risen to a record high and is placed among the 400 best universities in the world. This is a significant event not only for VU, but for all Lithuanian higher education, as it testifies to the fact that our country has achieved the prerequisites for the highest level of international science and other studies,” said VU Rector, Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

The Rector also drew attention to the fact that VU made other noteworthy achievements this year in the fields of education, state-building and science. In particular, VU was invited to participate in the development of the State Progress Strategy “Lithuania 2050”, while the 51st World Physics Olympiad took place in the summer as the first event of this scale in Lithuania, the activities of the European University Alliance Arqus gained momentum, the construction of the modern Science Centre of the VU Faculty of Medicine began, significant partnerships were established and VU hosted visits from important politicians.

According to Prof. Petrauskas, VU researchers carried out 450 research projects this year and published almost a quarter more articles than during the same period last year. The results of this research are significant in the country and have reached the widest audience in the world, through publications in the journal Nature, among others. The Rector noted that it is only thanks to the ambitious and dedicated community at VU that we can end the year with such pride in the work we have done and the goals we have achieved.

“I very much hope that we will view this success as motivation to continue our efforts and maintain not only our current position in the rankings, but also continue improving the scientific and intellectual quality of our activities. I also hope that any discussions, disputes and constructive criticism will not lead to opposition, but will bring everyone closer together by revealing other perspectives and ways of thinking,” said the Rector of VU, wishing everyone a peaceful and meaningful holiday season.

The installation “From here the way leads to the stars” (Lat. Hinc itur ad astra) will continue to light up Universiteto Street until 28 February.