Gender Studies Centre invites to the seminar “Gender segregation in Turkish Institutes of Higher Education Employment”

Article illustrationOn Tuesday, October 27, at 5.30 P.M. Professor of Balikesir University (Turkey) Serap Palaz will give a lecture “Gender segregation in Turkish Institutes of Higher Education Employment” in the Library of Vilnius University in Green reading – room.

As is argued by several authors (OECD, 1985; Gunderson, 1989; Reskin and Padavic, 1994; Kocak, 1999) the most important explanation for the existence of sustained wage differences between men and women is continuing occupational segregation and women’s concentration in low-paying occupations. In the seminar I will present results of the survey of presence and extent of vertical (position) occupational segregation by gender in the Turkish institutes of higher education employment over the year of 1988/9 to 2002/3, using the Karmel and Maclachlan (KI) index of segregation.

The results shows that although aggregate measures of segregation indicate a slight increase in vertical (position) segregation, some gender integration have been observed within positions during the analyzed period. Although in the past women were generally in the fields of natural sciences and engineering, recently Turkish academic women are choosing traditionally more feminine fields. In addition, It has been observed that there was a major expansion of the Turkish higher education system in the 1990s with female academic employment more than doubled from 1990 to 2003 while male academic employment increased by a more modest 66 per cent.

S. Palaz work as Associate Professor in Balikesir University, Balikesir Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Labour Economics and Industrial relations.

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