Football Championship of ESN Vilnius University

Football Championship of ESN Vilnius UniversityOn 28-29 of September 2012 ESN Vilnius University have organised a football championship for Erasmus students for the first time. Foreign students were encouraged to have a rest from their studies, parties and to demonstrate their playing skills on the football field.

The championship was organised for the Erasmus students of Vilnius University. However, the desire to participate was expressed by Erasmus students from all high schools of Vilnius. Eleven teems partook in the championship in which the majority were students from Spain.

Erasmus students were in a cheerful mood and very friendly. Despite the fact that there was a tough fight, players apologised each other shaking their hands after each harsh contact. The losing teams didn't get upset.. The small final winner emerged after a penalty shoot-out in which the success smiled to the „Housekeepers"team from Spain when they defeated the team „Steaua del vulture"(Spain). The final game between the „Coca juniors" and the „Athletic" also didn't reveal the winner. Therefore, the teams reached an agreement to play the extension with the "golden goal" rule. The lucky ones was the „Coca juniors"(Spain) team, which defeated rivals from Italy 2:1" - shared his impressions ESN VU Sports Committee Coordinator Paulius Urbonas. The winners – students from VGTU – team „Coca juniors". The players who included the team were Marco Schlich, Carlos del toro Silva, Alvaro Ciudad Nieves, Alvaro Varela Trinidad and Jorge Hernandez. They, like the other two top places winners were awarded medals.

We hope that the football championship, organised by ESN Vilnius University will become a tradition, each time attracting an increasing number of Erasmus exchange students from all high schools of Vilnius.

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