Satellite “LituanicaSAT-1” is coming to an end with its mission

Laurynas Mačiulis presents the satellite “LituanicaSAT-1”. Photo from the archive of Vilnius UniversityThe satellite "LituanicaSAT-1"of Vilnius University has justified expectations of the scientists and will soon finish its mission. It is expected that the satellite should burn in the atmosphere during the week 24–28 July. The satellite "LituanicaSAT-1" was released into the open space on 28 February this year.

The main aim of the mission was to test certain technological solutions. Successful testing of the amateur radio repeater equipment produced in Lithuania was on the test list. On 9 June AM SAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) provided Vilnius University satellite "LituanicaSAT-1" with the OSCAR registry number LO-78. The register includes only the successful amateur radio repeater equipment which may establish a connection with the satellite radio stations located on Earth.


In addition, the satellite "LituanicaSAT-1" succeeded in making the first Lithuanian photo from space and was followed by many other to be published in the nearest future.

Ultimately, other satellite components such as solar cells, the flight computer and its software, satellite body and installed antenna have also passed the test in space successfully.

The successful mission created a platform, which will be enhanced by the following scientific experiments in space.

The scientific team of Vilnius University is already busy with the construction of the second satellite, the main purpose of which is to perform an international scientific mission in order to use a network of satellites for the thermosphere research as well as many other additional technological tests.

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