Professor W. A. Ramadan: I will learn Lithuanian and come back to Vilnius

ramadan CopyStudents at Vilnius University’s (VU) Faculty of Medicine had a great opportunity to attend a short course on Physiology and Biochemistry, presented by Wael Awad Ramadan, assistant professor at the Faculty of Physical Education at Mansoura University, Egypt.

Professor Ramadan came to work in Lithuania for the second time – he visited once before in 2017. He is in Vilnius sharing his academic experience within the scope of the Erasmus cooperation agreement on Teaching Staff Mobility.

“Undoubtedly, Vilnius University is one of the most distinguished universities in Europe and it is a great honor for me to get directly involved with the interesting academic life of this school, even if just for a week. Masoura University and Vilnius University have a cooperation agreement and plans for some significant future projects”, W. A. Ramadan said.

Professor expressed hopes to visit Vilnius again in the future and to stay here for a longer amount of time: “I would like to work at Vilnius University in order to gain experience and knowledge, to know and to be known among medical professors and scientists in Lithuania, to visit all of VU clinics. I also hold Lithuanian students of medicine and dentistry in high regard – they are extremely motivated, diligent and curious. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to get to know them better, so I hope to be back soon”.

Wael Awad Ramadan is very proud to have become an International Visiting Professor though the Erasmus exchange program. This international mobility gives him a great opportunity to expand his teaching profile, to work with different students and increase his own productivity. He had previously taught as a visiting professor at other European universities (University of Rome, Italy; Masaryk University, Czech Republic).

“I strongly believe that sooner or later I will learn Lithuanian and come back to Vilnius. It was a pity that I did not have enough time to walk around this wonderful city and enjoy the warmth of Lithuanian people. However, I am touched by the beauty of Vilnius and I enjoyed the University’s Campus – this magnificent place with Baroque courtyards and buildings”, stated the professor. Wael Awad Ramadan also has plans to visit Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities and learn more about traditional Lithuanian food, which he finds especially unique and delicious.

Mansoura University was founded in 1972 in Mansoura city, Egypt. Mansoura is located in the middle of the Nile Delta in Egypt. It is one of the biggest Egyptian universities and has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1962 as a branch of Cairo University. In 1972, a presidential decree announced the establishment of the University under the name "East Delta University". Later on, its name was changed to Mansoura University in 1973.

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