Study visit of MBA Entrepreneurship: creativity week – from dream to action

MBA kūrybiskumo savaiteOne of the mandatory subjects of MBA Entrepreneurship study programme of Business School, Vilnius University – study visit – had three directions this year: creative, social, and technological entrepreneurship. Students who chose the creative entrepreneurship direction had one week for creation and presentation of their creative project .

'The purpose of the creativity week is to build the competences of creativity, teamwork and leadership of MBA Entrepreneurship students. All of them require good understanding of yourself and other people, first of all. And what better way to know yourself and others than joint creation could be. All best entrepreneurship study establishments all over the world know it. For example, in Babson College – the best entrepreneurship school in the world – creativity module is mandatory for all entrepreneurship students. In business, same as on stage, nothing happens until you take a physical action. Therefore, joint creation of a stage action is an excellent way to learn progressing from dream to action', stated Head of MBA Entrepreneurship, Partnership Assoc. Prof. Aistė Ptakauskė.

The main task for the students was to develop a creative project (concert, play, show) and to introduce it to their attracted audience. During this assignment, the students were learning to understand and gain a deeper insight into processes of innovation development in the sector of cultural and creative industries, to enhance their own creativity, innovative thinking, skills of teamwork and presentation.

'This creativity development project exceeded my expectations – I learnt to trust my team members by 100 per cent beforehand ... it was not my strength, because aspiration for perfection always and everywhere is destroying a priori trust in yourself and others. The understanding that came in the course of the process was that trust is not something we can take for granted in a team, trust is being built by time and people who are searching. No result is possible if trust is missing – especially, in this new, rapidly changing business world', stated Inga Juozapavičienė, student of MBA Entrepreneurship programme.
The show called 'Equality' was strongly engaging and multidimensional. After the show, the students were sharing their experiences, emotions and learnt lessons about themselves and others with the audience.
Captured moments of the show can be viewed here: VIDEO 

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