Young Nigerian Enjoys Being Active Alumnus of Vilnius University

P1144190Chimamkpa Udochukwu Ibe, a young Nigerian currently living in Germany, feels proud to have been a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University in 2018. He enjoyed his studies at the one of the oldest, highly regarded and respected Universities in Europe: “I am sure, that my beloved study place is among the top universities in the world. And this year Vilnius University is celebrating its 440th anniversary. What a great University! I came here, to Vilnius again in order to say: Congratulations my dear ALMA MATER!”.

At the moment Ibe works as an assistant doctor in the Department of the Internal Medicine (Cardiology) at the Ambulantes Herzzentrum in Dortmund, Germany. The Ambulantes Herzzentrum is a special center for diagnosis, management and prevention of heart diseases in adults. “My objective is to become a medical doctor and to maintain healthcare by preventing and treating ill-health”, the young medic states. He is not sure about his future plans; they would depend on “where destiny pushes him”. But he is surely happy that one day he had chosen Lithuania, because it is a very friendly and beautiful country and also one of the oldest in Europe.

“Becoming a medical doctor was a dream come true for me. I hold a degree of a doctor of Optometry, which was a 6 years’ study program, and have worked as an Optometrist internationally and locally in various capacities”, explains the alumnus. He worked as a head of the Optometry at the Ancilla Catholic Eye Hospital, Lagos Nigeria and also as a Management team member at the Save Nation’s Sight Clinic Accra, Ghana: “I have also done some research and Paper presentations in Eye Healthcare delivery (the Leading Cause of Blindness in Africa)”.

Motivation to study at Vilnius University in Lithuania came to Ibe after a brief research about the country on the basis of its educational standard, literacy rate, EU Membership, norms and values, culture and religion. “I was very satisfied with the information I got about Lithuania and Vilnius University then I moved in to study here. It was a great honor to have been a student of this great University”, says the doctor.

In his opinion, the staff and members of the academic community of Vilnius University meet international standards and are well experienced in performing their duties their duties. The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Algirdas Utkus is a highly respected personality, very reasonable in nature. He is an exceptional leader. “In spite of a lot of challenges in our student life, Prof. Vaiva Hendrixson , the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medical was always there for us. I CANNOT thank her enough for her time, dedication, support and protection expressed to us all during our years of studies at Vilnius University. She is just the best. We always held her in high regard”, added Ibe. He loves Vilnius and is ambitious about becoming a great doctor – one who is empathetic, observant, kind, patient, quick at learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge. And also a very good team player, as every alumnus of the great Vilnius university!

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