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In 2015 Vilnius University researchers and students have established these companies:

  • “Ledakis” – creating and producing compact integrated lights for bicycles.
  • “Anrena” – offering navigation, product search and client flow analysis for big supermarkets.
  • “Gabitus” – creating orbital manoeuvring system for small satellites.
  • “Sekos” – working with Hantavirus proteins application in diagnosis.

In 2014 Vilnius University researchers and students have established 8 technological companies:

  • “NanoAvionika” – developing and providing small satellite system solutions and services (
  • “Bioanalizės sistemos” – producing multi-functional biosensor device for patients of haemodialysis.
  • “Eteronas” – producing flat masked satellite antenna
  • “Ubique calculus” – offering software for modelling of chemical, biochemical and electrochemical reactions and experimental data analysis (
  • “Lokacijos sistemos” – developing and providing the innovative customer in-door and outdoor tracking and queue management solutions.
  • “Platelet BioGenesis” – producing scalable, pluripotent stem cell-derived (donor-independent) human platelets (
  • “ThermoPharma Baltic” – developing novel chemical entities as drug candidates (
  • “Laboratorijų automatizavimo sprendimai” – producing open source medium size orbital shaker for various chemistry and microbiology applications.

In 2012 Vilnius University researchers have established 4 new companies:

  • “Ledigma” – designing, developing and producing smart lighting control systems (
  • “Lidaris" – offering services and consultations to companies and research centers, which develop optics and laser systems as well as those who sell or buy large amount of optics (
  • "IMD technologies" – developing biocatalytic technologies and producing biopolyol and epoxidized oil from natural materials (
  • “Femtika” – supplying tools and technologies enabling true 3D laser fabrication, with custom design components in micro- and sub micro scale (

During 2008 – 2011 Vilnius University researchers have established 3 new companies in biotechnology field:

  • "Profarma" – developing added value biopharmaceuticals and generic pharmaceuticals (
  • "Nomads" – developing agronomic traits and plant-expressed biopharmaceuticals.
  • "Baltymas" – developing and optimizing recombinant yeast-expressed proteins.

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