Multilateral projects, Intensive programmes, academic and structural networks

  1. Psychological consultation in the multicultural context, 29524-IC-2-2004-1-FI-ERASMUS-IPUC-3 (Faculty of Philosophy), 2004-2006;
  2. Cross-national practice learning curriculum for social professional students, 28071-IC-1-2003-1-UK-ERASMUS-MODUC-1 (Faculty of Philosophy); 2004-2006;
  3. Human Rights: Cultural pluralism against racism and xenophobia, Erasmus IP (Institute of International Relations and Political Science), 2004-2005;
  4. REGHEALTH- European Master in comparative regional Health Systems planing and management, 38034-IC-1-2004-1-ES-ERASMUS-PROGUC-2 (Faculty of Medicine), 2005-2007;
  5. Multiprofesional health care, 28991-IC-1-2005-1-NL-ERASMUS-MODUC-1 (Faculty of Philosophy), 2006-2007;
  6. HANSA NOVA: Managing a multicultural workforce in the Baltic Sea Region, 29323-IC-2005-1-FI-ERASMUS-MODUC-1 (Faculty of Economics), 2006-2007
  7. Groundwater in Europe: protection and remediation strategies, Erasmus IP (Faculty Natural Science), 2005-2008;
  8. Educational contributions to social (re)generation: creating and sustaining opportunities for inclusion,  No. 47653—IC-1-2004-1-HU-Erasmus-IPUC-2 (Institute of Foreign Languages), 2006-2008;
  9. Health and social care for migrants and minorities, 28972-IC-1-2005-1-NL-ERASMUS-PROGUC-4 (Faculty of Philosophy), 2006-2007;
  10. NICLAS-New International Constitutional Law Approach Summer School, LLP/AT-230/20/07 Erasmus IP (Faculty of Law), 2008-2009;
  11. European Master for European Teacher Training, 134348-LLP-1-2007-1-IT-ERASMUS-ECDSP, Curriculum Development-Study programme (Institute of Foreign Languages), 2007-2009;
  12. LANQUA-Language Network for Quality Assurance, 134307-LLP-1-2007-1-UK-ERASMUS-ENW (Faculty of Philology), 2007-2010;
  13. Innovation, new ventures and enterpreneurship in social work teaching, LLP-ERA-IP-2008-LT-0213 Erasmus IP (Faculty of Philosophy), 2008-2009.
  14. JOIMAN - Joint Degree Management and Administration Network: Tackling current issues and facing future challenges, 142650-LLP-1-2008-1-IT-ERASMUS-ENW (2008-2010);
  15. European Masters of Professional Communication, 142753- LLP-1-2008-NL-ERASMUS-ECDSP (Faculty of Communication), 2008-2010;
  16. Modernisation of Europe by Innovating Teacher Training (Practical approach), LLP-ERA-IP-2009-LT-0261 Erasmus IP  (Institute of Foreign Languages), 2009-2010;
  17. Innovation, new ventures and enterpreneurship in social work teaching, LLP-ERA-IP-2009-LT-0266 Erasmus IP (Faculty of Philosophy), 2009-2010;
  18. Enhancing Ethical and Environmental Competence in Leadership and Management for Sustainable Development, LLP-ERA-IP-2009-LT-0270 (Faculty of Humanities in Kaunas), 2009-2010;
  19. Antropology of Landscape in European Protected Areas (Faculty of Natural sciences), 2010 – 2011.
Modernisation of Higher Education
  1. Quality Culture: Communication Flow and Decision-Making Structures, 2002-2003;
  2. Quality Culture: Student services, 2004-2005.

Mobility for individuals

Erasmus university charter: 63543-IC-1-2007-1-LT-ERASMUS-EUCX-1

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