Vilnius University publishes a competition to doctoral dissertation themes in five research areas (see Dissertation themes) in accordance with Vilnius University Regulation for Doctoral Studies.

Applicants must have a Master’s qualification degree or a higher education degree equivalent to it.

The application with all required enclosures must be send by e-mail .  

Applicants have to submit to the Office of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies the following documents by the 24th of June unless stated otherwise:

          1. an application addressed to the Rector;
          2. a copy of the passport or any other valid identification card;
          3. copies of the Master’s diploma or of a higher education diploma equivalent to it and their supplements (by the 10th of June);
          4. Curriculum Vitae;
          5. a completed questionnaire with a photo;
          6. a short description of prospective research project (for more information please ask to a responsible person, see below Methods of Admission);
          7. a list of research works and their copies, conference presentations, works awarded at academic competitions (if there is any);
        8. recommendations by two academic referees from the topic of the relevant field of science (candidates to PhD studies in biochemistry have to submit one recommendation written by a supervisor of dissertation theme - see Dissertation themes);
          9. 15 Eur instalment cheque.

Applicants also have to submit a consent to the processing of personal data at the University.

Also, applicants might be asked to submit a copy of the certificate on the recognition of higher education qualifications obtained abroad. 

Other documents which, in the opinion of the applicant, are important, such as a certificate of completion of various courses or examinations passed at the doctoral level, are welcome too.

All documents issued in a language other than English, Russian or Lithuanian should be supplemented with an official translation. Doctoral committees can require to submit additional documents which are not provided for in Vilnius University regulations on doctoral studies.


Doctoral committees determine the requirements for research projects or an examination or conversation and publicize them on the websites of academic units. Research projects (if it is set as the method of admission) must be submitted to Doctoral committees. (They can set their chosen particular dates for the presentation of research projects.

From the 28th of June to the 1st of July the applicants take an entrance examination or defend their research project or have a conversation under the Doctoral committee established procedure. (For more information about the date and location please ask to a responsible person, see below Methods of Admission.) The results are assessed by the 10-point scale. 

Initiation grade is composed of the grade point average of Master’s diploma supplement and the assessment of conversation or entrance examination or research project.

About the results of the admission each participant is informed from the 5th of July.

The agreements of doctoral studies are signed from the 7th to the 9th of July at the Office of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies (Vilnius University, University Street 3, room 109).

Doctoral studies begin on the 1st of October.




Students admitted to state non-funded doctoral studies must pay the stated tuition fee per one academic year: for all fields of science (except Law) regular studies – 10 758 Eur and extended studies – 7172 Eur, for Law regular studies – 5788.50 Eur and extended studies – 3859 Eur (information of payment).

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