Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Sukurta: 18 May 2011

A. Stankevičius

Sport opportunities

Vilnius University Health and Sport Centre offers a variety of sport activities, events and projects that promote healthy lifestyle within the academic community.

If you want to improve your health and/or sport skills, to pursue professional sport career while studying or to engage in academic sports, you're more than welcome:

  • to choose a sport subject as a part of your studies at Vilnius University and get 3ECTS credits;
  • to attend the academic sport trainings unofficially, just for fun;
  • to take part in Rector's Prize interfaculty competitions and be an active member of the university community while standing for your faculty;
  • to attend additional group trainings for 2 Euros;
  • to book halls, stadiums or table tennis tables for a small fee;
  • to join the university teams of professional sport and take part in national and international competitions.


Student clubs

If you prefer an active student life after the lectures, Vilnius University has plenty of offers to you.

Drama Theatre

Can you believe that VU Drama Theatre troupe (previously named MINIMUM) has entered the fifth century of existence! Here the traditions are joined with modern interpretation of classic literary works which are basis for all of the troupe’s performances.


Kinetic Theatre

If you like experimental and non-traditional theatre this might be an interesting choice for you. The troupe is faithful to the traditions of physical/visual/non-verbal theatre, and thus confusing consciousness of audience with absurd experiments on the scene.


Wind Orchestra “Oktava”

The orchestra plays a wide variety of music: from classic wind orchestra and traditional repertoire music to jazz, funk, soul, rock, popular, film and show music. In order to join the orchestra, you need to have musical preparation to play any wind-instrument, percussion or you can even show your vocal ability to sing with orchestra.


Chamber Orchestra

VU Chamber Orchestra idea is to bring chamber harmonies to the rich cultural life of Vilnius University and build musical bridges between the academic life and the music loving audience from all over the country and Europe. Essential part of orchestra’s creative activity is the continuous cooperation with the academic choirs of Vilnius University, which also gives the opportunities to create the exceptional musical events. In order to join the orchestra, you need to have musical preparation to play string instrument.


Folklore Ensemble “Ratilio”

This club is suitable for you if you enjoy folklore dances and songs. The main idea of this club is to take over and develop the traditional cultural heritage. They will teach foreign students to dance and play traditional Lithuanian music! They are also being very interested in other cultures and would love to hear about yours.


Vilnius University Songs and Dances Ensemble

If you like dance, sing or play any instrument you are welcome to join the oldest student songs and dances ensemble of Lithuania. The student ensemble offers the program of authentic folk songs, dances and musical pieces, decorated with professionalism and youthful mood.


Folk Music Group “Jaunimėlis”

Collective‘s repertoire contains music and dances of different regions and historic periods of Lithuania. The artists not only play instruments – they also sing, dance, and often draw their audience into the whirlwind of their performances.


Academic Mixed Choir “Gaudeamus”

“Gaudeamus” is a mixed academic choir situated in Vilnius University. It is one of the oldest and most notable student choirs from Lithuania and the choir was established in 1940. “Gaudeamus” choir frequently participates in Lithuanian and international festivals and contests, solemn events of Vilnius University.


Girl Choir “Virgo”

VIRGO repertoire is composed of a mix of music pieces from various periods – from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary music composed by Lithuanian composers. VIRGO is one of the most acknowledged women’s choirs in Lithuania.

The club is also open to everybody crazy about travelling and those who love spending their time in nature and fun company.