About the journal

The oldest Lithuanian university - Vilnius University - for over four decades publishes a scholarly journal “Knygotyra”. It has developed from the non-periodical collections of articles published by various libraries and research institutions and in the long run has consolidated the efforts and strengths of book and library historians, researchers of literacy and printed heritage as well as investigators of modern issues of librarianship and bibliography. The first volume was published in 1961 under the title of “Bibliotekininkystės ir bibliografijos klausimai” (Issues of librarianship and bibliography) and has changed the title to “Knygotyra” in 1970. Today “Knygotyra” is a matured and recognised journal. It is edited by a collective of international editors that includes researchers from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Lithuania. This group works to make “Knygotyra” into a journal with world-wide reputation. The most important task and responsibility falls on the shoulders of the editors from the Institute of Book Science and Documentation at the faculty of Communication. The journal has a multi-layered structure, which comprises book science theory and methodology in the widest sense together with book historiography and source research, book art and bibliograpy, old, modern and electronic book as an object of research, but also some interdisciplinary subjects. The journal records the chronicle of research and studies as well as contacts between research schools and researchers. The long standing tradition of publishing, the qualifications of well-known authors and the timeliness of research issues are the factors that earned international recognition of “Knygotyra”. It was aquired by 20 American, Asian, and European country. It reaches the recognised individual researchers in this area abroad. „Knygotyra“continues to search for innovative research and discoveries, new names and works, strengthens traditions and the process of constant renewal. The quality of the journal will depend on common efforts of the editors and authors, the state and society, needs and demands of research and studies.

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Book History Online (BHO)
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