Tarptautiniai mokslo projektai 2010 m.


Projekto pavadinimas Trukmė Vadovas (-ai)
ES 7-oji bendroji programa
Ultra-thin Conductive Ceramic Mesh to Monitor Stress and Wear on a Steel Surface (MesMesh) 2009-2012 Prof. V. Sirutkaitis (FF)
The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures II (LASERLAB-EUROPE) 2009-2012 Prof. A. P. Piskarskas (FF)
Improving Diagnoses of Mental Retardation in Children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through Genetic Characterisation and Bioinformatics / Statistics (CHERISH) 2009-2012 Prof. V. Kučinskas (MF)
ShApes, Geometry and Algebra (SAGA) 2008-2012 Doc. R. Krasauskas (MIF)
Extreme Light Infrastructure - Preparatory Phase (ELI-PP) 2007-2010 Prof. A. P. Piskarskas (FF)
Safety and Efficacy of a New and Emerging Dental X-ray Modality (SEDENTEXCT) 2008-2011 Dr. D. Ivanauskaitė (MF)
Secure, Trusted and Legally Ruled Collaboration Environment in Virtual Life (VirtualLife) 2008-2011 Doc. V. Čyras (MIF)
Evaluation of Legislation and Related Guidelines on the Procurement, Storage and Transfer of Human Tissues and Cells in the European Union – an Evidence-Based Impact Analysis (TISS.EU) 2008-2011 Doc. E. Gefenas (MF)
Inter-connected European Information and Documentation System for Ethics and Science: European Ethics Documentation Centre (ETHICSWEB) 2008-2011 Doc. E. Gefenas (MF)
Baltic Grid Second Phase 2008-2010 Prof. A. Juozapavičius (MIF)
Habil. dr. G. Tautvaišienė (TFAI)
Compact Ultrafast Laser Sources based on Novel Quantum Dot Structures (FAST-DOT) 2008-2012 Dr. R. Tomašiūnas (TMI)
Researchers‘ Night 2010 (LT-2010) 2010 Dr. D. Ryliškis (GMF)
Dr. A. S. Kazlauskas (TFAI)
European Grid Initiative: Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe (EGI-InSPIRE) 2010-2014 Prof. A. Juozapavičius (MIF)
Nanodesigning of Atomic and Molecular Quantum Matter (NAME-QUAM-EEU) 2010-2012 Habil. Dr. G. Juzeliūnas (TFAI)
Strengthening and Sustaining the European Perspectives of Molecular Biotechnology in Lithuania (MoBiLI) (2009)-2013 Dr. R. Abraitis (BTI)
Development of novel antiviral drugs against Influenza (FLUCURE) 2010-2014 Dr. G. Žvirblis (BTI)
Metastatic Tumours Facilitated by Hypoxic Tumour Micro-Environments (METOXIA) (2009)-2013 A. Kanopka (BTI)
Pan-European Network For The Study And Clinical Management Of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TB PAN-NET) (2008)-2013 Dr. P. Stakėnas (BTI)
Small molecule inhibitors of the trimeric influenza virus polymerase complex (FLUINHIBIT) (2008)-2010 Dr. G. Žvirblis (BTI)
Cooperation agreement for implementation of european fusion development agreement (EFDA) (EURATOM/LEI)   Dr. A. Kupliauskienė (TFAI)
ES 6-oji bendroji programa
Genomics and Benefit Sharing with Developing Countries – From Biodiversity to Human Genomics (GenBenefit) 2006-2010 Doc. V. Gefenas (MF)
Incorporation of Aquaporins in Membranes for Industrial Applications (MEMBAQ) 2006-2010 Prof. J. Barkauskas (CHF)
Development of an Innovative LIDAR Technology for New Generation ATM Paradigms (SkyScanner) 2007-2010 Doc. V. Čyras (MIF)
Promoting and Structuring a Multidisciplinary Academic-Industrial Network through the Heteropolytype Growth, Characterisation and Applications of 3C-SiC on Hexagonal Substrates (MANSiC) 2007-2010 Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (TMI)
Empowerment of Mental Illness Service Users: Life Long Learning, Integration and Action (EMILIA) 2005-2010 Doc. A. Germanavičius (MF)
Multifunctional Ceramic Layers with High Electromagnetoelastic Coupling in Complex Geometries (MULTICERAL) 2006-2010 Prof. J. Banys (FF)
ES Informacijos ir komunikacijos technologijų politikos paramos programa (ICT PSP)
Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in European (CARARE) 2010-2013 V. Vaitkevičius (KF)
Decision making for a united higher education (MyUniversity) 2010-2013 N. Bulotaitė (CR)
ES Visuomenės svekatos programa
Suicide Prevention by Internet and Media Based Mental Health Promotion (SUPREME) 2010-2013 Doc. A. Germanavičius (MF)
Institutional Treatment, Human Rights and Care Assessment (ITHACA) 2007-2010 Doc. A. Germanavičius (MF)
Anti Stigma Programme: European Network (ASPEN) 2008-2011 Doc. A. Germanavičius (MF)
European Network for Promoting the Health of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions (HELPS) 2008-2011 Doc. A. Germanavičius (MF)
European Centres of Reference Network for Cystic Fybrosis (ECORN-CF) 2007-2010 Prof. V. Kučinskas (MF)
Child and Adolescent mental health in enlarged European Union: development of effective policies and practices (CAMHEE) 2007-2009 Dr. R. Povilaitis (FsF)
Baltijos jūros regiono programa 2007-2013
Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region (BaltCICA) 2009-2012 Doc. E. Rimkus (GMF)
Baltic Organisation and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations (BONITA) 2009-2012 Doc. A. Mitašiūnas (MIF)
Baltic Sea Health Region – Business Acceleration Support and Training Bridging Innovative SMEs and Health Care Organisations to Strenghten BSR Health Economy / BSHR HealthPort (HeathPort) 2010-2013 Dr. D. Matulis (BTI)
EEA grantai
Multifunctional nanoparticles for specific non-invasive early diagnostics and treatment of cancer 2008-2011 Prof. R. Rotomskis (FF)
Dynamics of prognostic and predictive markers for oncology 2008-2011 Prof. V. Kirvelienė (GMF)
Anticancer compound design by structural biothermodynamics (2008)-2010 Dr. D. Matulis (BTI)
Dr. R. Meškys (BChI)
Lietuvos ir Prancūzijos dvišalio bendradarbiavimo mokslinių tyrimų ir eksperimentinės plėtros srityje programa "Žiliberas"
Role of the Plasma Membrane in Lactococcus lactis Response to Lysozyme-induced Injures of the Cell Wall 2009-2010 Prof. R. Daugelavičius (GMF)
Investigation of optical, electrooptical and charge transport properties of thin functionalized DNA films 2009-2010 Prof. V. Kažukauskas (FF / TMI)
Development of optical coatings and laser resistance metrology for femtosecond applications 2009-2010 Prof. V. Sirutkaitis (FF)
Application of Data Mining Methods for Investigation of Software Systems 2010 Dr. J. D. Besson (MII)
Lietuvos-Ukrainos mokslinių tyrimų ir eksperimentinės plėtros srityje programa
Project Investigation of New Chalcogenic and Ionic Materials Promising for (opto-) Electronic and Nuclear Technology 2009-2010 Prof. V. Kažukauskas (FF / TMI)
Electronic Properties and Phase Transitions in Semiconducting Phosphorous Chalcogenides 2009-2010 Prof. J. Banys (FF)
Spectroscopy of Novel Multifunctional Compositions Producing Nanostructures 2009-2010 Prof. V. Balevičius (FF)
Global Climate Variability and Regional Changes in the Baltic and Black Sea's Ecosystems 2009-2010 Doc. G. Stankūnavičius (GMF)
Lietuvos-Latvijos-Kinijos (Taivanas) mokslinių tyrimų programa
Studies on Nitride and Oxide Semiconductor nanostructures for Energy Technology Applications 2008-2011 Prof. E. Kuokštis (TMI)
The Changing Image of man in Tang, song, and Ming China: Religious, Literary and Philosophical Perspectives 2008-2011 Dr. L. Poškaitė (OSC)
Europos tarvyriausybinio bendradarbiavimo programa mokslo ir technologijų srityje (COST)
Antibiotic Transport and Efflux: New Strategies to combat bacterial resistance (ATENS)
2008-(2012) Prof. R. Daugelavičius (GMF)
Self-assembled guanosine structures for molecular electronic devices (MP0802) (2008)-2012 Dr. J. Tamulienė (TFAI)
Multiscale modeling of materials (P19) (2006)-2010 Dr. J. Tamulienė (TFAI)
Composites of Inorganic Nanotubes and Polymers (COINAPO) (MP0902) 2009-2013 Doc. V. Samulionis (FF)
Hypoxia sensing, signalling and adaptation (TD0901) (2009)-2013 A. Kanopka (BTI)
Signaling control of stress tolerance and production of stress protective compounds in plants (FA0605) (2007)-2011 Dr. V. Kazanavičiūtė (BTI)
The Transformation of Global Environmental Governance: Risks and Opportunities (TGEG) (IS0802) 2008-2012 Prof. R. Čiegis (KHF)
Colloid and Interface Chemistry for Nanotechnology (D43) 2006-2011 Prof. A. Ramanavičius (CHF)
Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities (D40) 2006-2011 Prof. A. Ramanavičius (CHF)
Free Radicals in Chemical Biology (CHEMBIORADICAL) (CM0603) (2007)-2011 Habil. dr. N. Čėnas, dr. Ž. Anusevičius (BChI)
New drugs for neglected diseases (CM0801) (2008)-2012 Habil. dr. N. Čėnas, Dr. J. Šarlauskas (BChI)
Triticeace genomics for the advancement of essential European crops (TritiGen) (FA0604) 2007-2011 Prof.. D. Žvingila (GMF)
Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures (MP0702) 2008-2011 Dr. R. Tomašiūnas (TMI)
Grid Computing in Chemistry: GRIDCHEM (D37) (2006)-2010 Dr. G. Vektaris, dr. A. Vektarienė (TFAI)
From Molecules to Molecular Devices: Control of Electronic, Photonic, Magnetic and Spintronic Behaviour (D35) (2006)-2011 Dr. A. Tamulis (TFAI)
Systems Chemistry (CM0703) (2007)-2012 Dr. A. Tamulis (TFAI)
Molecular Targeting and Drug Design in Neurological and Bacterial Diseases (D34) 2005-2010 Prof. S. Tautkus (CHF)
Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization (CRIPO) (IS0601) 2007-2011 Doc. V. Nakrošis (TSPMI)
Cascade Chemoenzymatic Processes - New Synergies Between Chemistry and Biochemistry (CM0701) (2008)-2012 Dr. J. Razumienė, dr. D. Tauraitė (BChI)
Cancer and Control of Genomic Integrity (CANGENIN) (BM0703) 2008-2012 Dr. S. Jarmalaitė (GMF)
Prof. S. Klimašauskas, dr. G. Vilkaitis (BTI)
Next generation cost effective phase change materials for increased energy efficiency in renewable energy systems in buildings (NeCoE-PCM) (TU0802) 2009-2013 Prof. J. Banys, Dr. R. Sobiestijanskas (FF)
Epigenetics: Bench to Bedside (TD0905) 2010-2014 Prof. S. Klimašauskas, dr. V. Petrikaitė (BTI)
Physics of Competition and Conflicts (MP0801) (2008)-2012 Prof. B. Kaulakys, dr. V. Gontis (TFAI)
Chemical Biology with Natural Products (CM0804) (2009)-2013 Dr. D. Tauraitė (BChI)
Dr. D. Matulis (BTI)
Open European Network for High Performance Computing on Complex Environments (IC0805) (2009)-2013 Dr. J. Žilinskas (MII)
Single- and multiphase ferroics and multiferroics with restricted geometries (SIMUFER) (MP0904) 2010-2014 Prof. J. Banys, dr. R. Grigalaitis (FF)
Novel Gain Materials and Devices Based on III-V-N Compounds (MP0805) 2009-2013 Prof. G. Tamulaitis (TMI)
Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions (IC0702) (2008)-2012 Dr. O. Kurasova (MII)
The True European Voter: A Strategy For Analysing the Prospects of European Electoral Democracy That Includes the West, the South and the East of the Continent (IS0806) 2009-2013 Doc. A. Ramonaitė (TSPMI)
Kitos tarptautinės programos
EU Civil Justice Programme: The Perspectives of the Europeaization of the Law of Succession 2008-2010 Doc. T. Davulis (TF)
NATO: Carbon nanotubes based comsopite materials for electromagnetic shielding in microwaves 2010-2012 Prof. J. Banys (FF)
Europos gynybos agentūra: Explosive detection – Spectroscopy, Terahertz technology and Radar (E-STAR) 2010-2012 Prof. J. Banys (FF)
NIH grant: Approaches for genomic mapping of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine, a novel epigenetic mark in mammalian DNA 2010-2012 Habil. dr. S. Klimašauskas (BTI)
NIH grant: Methylome profiling via DNA Methyltransferase directed labelling (2008)-2010 Habil. dr. S. Klimašauskas (BTI)
ESA grant: New Method to Evaluate Dehydration and to Perform Goal-directed Fluid Therapy 2009-2010 Prof. J. Ivaškevičius (MF)
ES AGRIRES: Core Collection of Northern European Gene Pool of Ribes (RIBESCO) 2007-2011 Dr. D. Ryliškis (MF)
ES ISEC: Automated Age Estimation and Identification of Juvenile Victims on Pedopornographic Contents 2007-2010 Prof. J. Tutkuvienė (MF)
Health Protection Agency: European Rotavirus Network 2008-2010 Prof. V. Usonis (MF)
CERN: RD50 - Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders   Prof. J. V. Vaitkus (TMI)
CERN: RD39 Collaboration on super-radiation hard cryogenic silicon detectors for LHC and LHC upgrade   Prof. J. V. Vaitkus (TMI)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Grant: Structural characterization of protein interactions in DNA replication, repair and recombination processes through molecular modelling (2006)-2010 Dr. Č. Venclovas (BTI)
Eureka: Novel Optical Measurement Technologies and Devices for Advanced Semiconductor Diagnostics (E!4473-OPTICAL DIAGNOSTICS) 2008-2013 Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (TMI)
VISBY Programme: Computational Atomic Structure with Applications to Astronomy and Plasma Physics 2010-2013 Habil. dr. G. Gaigalas, L. Radžiūtė (TFAI)
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