Publishing: Journals

  Acta Museologica Lithuanica Executive Editor Doc. dr. R. Laužikas, tel. 219 32 90, el. paštas
  Acta Orientalia Vilnensia Executive Editor Prof. A. Beinorius, tel. 268 72 56, e-mail 
  Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia Executive Editor Doc. dr. I. Stonkuvienė tel. 266 76 25, e-mail
  Archaeologia Lituana Executive Editor Doc. dr. A. Merkevičius, tel. 268 72 84, e-mail 
  Baltic Astronomy Executive Editor Prof. V. Straižys, tel. (370 383) 45 425, 261 34 40, e-mail 
  Baltic Journal of Political Science Executive Editor L. Gudžinskas, e-mail 
(Journal of Baltic Linguistics)
Executive Editor Prof. B. Stundžia, tel. 268 72 10, e-mail
Executive Editor Prof. A. Miškinis, tel. 236 61 56, e-mail
  Informacijos mokslai 
(Information Sciences)
Executive Editor Doc. Z. Atkočiūnienė, tel. 236 61 19, e-mail  
  Informatica Executive Editor J. Mockus e-mail  
  Lietuvių kalba 
Executive Editor Assoc. Prof. I. Smetonienė, tel. 268 72 12, e-mail 
  Slavistica Vilnensis 
(Slavistica Vilnensis)
Executive Editor J. Konickaja, tel. 268 72 22, el. paštas 
Executive Editor prof. A. Usonienė, tel. 268 72 28, e-mail
(Book Science)
Executive Editor Prof. D. Kaunas, tel. 236 61 11, e-mail
Executive Editor Prof. R. Rudaitytė, tel. 268 72 06, 268 72 20, 268 72 16, e-mail ,
  Lietuvos istorijos studijos
(Studies of Lithuanian History)
Executive Editor Prof. A. Bumblauskas, tel. 268 72 88, e-mail  
  Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review
(in cooperation with The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania)
Executive Editor Prof. G. Vitkus, tel. 251 41 42, e-mail 
  Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review Executive Editor Doc. T. Janeliūnas, tel. 251 41 39, e-mail 
  Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies Executive Editor Prof. S. Urbonavičius, tel. 236 61 48, e-mail
(Journal of Political Sciences)
Executive Editor Doc. T. Janeliūnas, tel. 251 41 39, e-mail
Executive Editor Doc. N. Radavičienė, tel. 266 76 17, e-mail
Executive Editor Prof. G. Valickas, tel. 266 76 07, e-mail ,
  Religija ir kultūra
(Religion and Culture)
Executive Editor Prof. R. Šerpytytė, tel. 268 71 89
  Respectus Philologicus
(in cooperation with Jan Kochanovski University of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Kielce)
Executive Editor Prof. G. Bankauskaitė-Sereikienė, e-mail 
  Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas
(in cooperation with Klaipeda University)
Executive Editor L. Kraniauskas, e-mail 
  STEPP: Socialinė teorija, empirija, politika ir praktika
Executive Editor dr. L. Žalimienė, tel. 249 16 01, e-mail  
Executive Editor prof. habil. dr. Gintaras Švedas, tel. 236 6185, e-mail
  Transformation in Business & Economics Executive Editor Prof. D. Štreimikienė, tel. (8 37) 422 376, fax (8 37) 423 222, e-mail ,  
  Vertimo studijos
(Translation Studies)
Executive Editor Assoc. Prof. N. Maskaliūnienė, tel. 268 72 45, e-mail 
  Žurnalistikos tyrimai  
(Journalism research)
Executive Editor Assoc. Prof. A. Vaišnys, e-mail 
  Kriminologijos studijos Executive Editor dr. L. Žilinskienė, tel. 266 76 26, e mail 


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