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Following traditions of the academic publishing since 1575, Vilnius University Press publishes scientific, informational, promotional, scientific popular books (monographs, studies, dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, publications of sources, etc.), study literature (textbooks, educational books, teaching and methodological tools), scientific periodicals, PhD theses. Vilnius University Press provides publishing services (manuscript assessment, editing, book design, layout design, press release) and dissemination (distribution on online and traditional bookstores, book fairs and other events) to the community of Vilnius University and society, thus contributing to reputation of Vilnius University, increasing academic reputation through dissemination of the scientific, educational and creative work results. 

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    Book Warehouse opening hours: 
    Monday to Tuesday: from 8:00 a. m to 17:00 p. m.
    Wednesday 8-12 a. m.
    Prior to your arrival, please contact us via the phone +370 521 93 045 or +370 612 135 08. 

    Contacts: telephone (8 5) 268 7184 or email
    For purchasing publications at publisher's prices, feel free to contact