12 January 2022 | 13:23

Resident doctor B. Raščiūtė: ‘Emergency Medicine Fascinates by Its Variety and Unexpectedness’

Beatričė Raščiūtė, a lecturer at Vilnius University’s Internal diseases, family medicine and oncology clinic and a resident of emergency medicine, says that she chose this field for its variety and...

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11 January 2022 | 13:57

The Arqus Rectors’ Council Welcomes Two New Members to the Alliance: The University of Minho and the University of Wroclaw

On the occasion of the 6th meeting of the Arqus Rectors’ Council, the announcement about the Arqus Alliance expansion was made, adding two new members to the Alliance: the universities...

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6 January 2022 | 10:15

Virus Researcher G. Dudas: "We are Moving Towards the End of a Pandemic in Terms of Immunization Rates, but One…

"The pandemic is gradually turning into an endemic situation due to immunization. I imagine that if nothing changes, we can probably expect that all the restrictions associated with the pandemic...

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30 December 2021 | 10:02

VU Opens Admission of International Students and Offers 60 International Study Programmes

Vilnius University (VU) has started the admission of international students. In 2022, VU offers its international students a total of 16 bachelor's study programmes, 42 master's degree programmes and 2 integrated...

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28 December 2021 | 17:16

VU Light Installation “From Here the Way Leads to the Stars” on Universitetas Street

Vilnius University (VU) invites Vilnius residents and guests to raise their eyes to the sky, where light installation of stars is shining on Universiteto Street between VU and the Presidency...

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27 December 2021 | 8:29

MITA Invites Startups to Apply for the “TechHub” Pre-Accelerator

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and Vilnius University (VU) invite startup teams and those with innovative ideas to register for the “TechHub” pre-accelerator. The fifth cohort of...

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