Rent of Premises for Events

Sukurta: 29 June 2020

You can rent premises for your events in the central building of Vilnius University:

If necessary, we can rent other premises and areas in the Vilnius University. We also provide long-term rental services. We can help arrange catering, accommodation, parking during your events. To make your events more colourful, we can suggest you visit the belfry of St. John’s Church to enjoy the views of Vilnius Old Town, the library, the Botanical Garden, the Molėtai Observatory, the Museum of Geology, the Museum of Physics and other university museums. We also provide guide services for your convenience.

VU alumni holding the new virtual VU alumni card receive a 10% discount! We invite you to register on the VU alumni platform. The card provides access to abundant VU resources: alumni can return and visit the university courtyards and museum free of charge, use special services of the VU library, the Botanical Garden, the Publishing House, the Sports and Health Centre, rent VU spaces, visit cultural events, etc. The virtual alumni card is valid when displayed on a smart device or printed.