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If you are on this page it means you are either considering coming to Vilnius University or already here. We are happy to welcome you and assist you in making your visit or long/short stay experience pleasant and without stress.
The regulations and conditions of your acceptance and work at the university will depend on the length, purpose and sources of financing of the stay. But if you are an academic and/or researcher, a doctoral student or post-doctoral researcher this page is for you.


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Welcome and Registration

If your aim at a permanent position at Vilnius university you are requested to take part in selection for new employees announced by VU HR department, apply as a post-doctoral researcher or get invited by the faculty.
If you would like to come as a visiting staff the main point of contact regarding your individual work program will be the Faculty which makes the decision on accepting their visiting staff members.

Visiting or permanent?

There is a difference in procedures depending whether you will be employed as a permanent staff member or will come as a visiting one. What information applies to you depends on your situation. When applicable, differences will be marked in the text.

a) you are considered permanent VU staff when you have a paid position with Vilnius University. More information on this status is available here.

b) you are considered a visiting staff when you are:
a PhD candidate, guest lecturer or guest researcher employed by another university and:
1. Your stay is financed by a 3rd party/project/programme
2. You take an unpaid position at Vilnius University (Adjunct Agreement)
3. Your are offered a Vilnius University grant

Finding the right contact

Please note, that all the decisions on any staff position are made by the faculty, department authorities and/or individual researches. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the responsible person at the respective faculty to find out about available short-stay positions. In case of doubt of the right contact at the Faculty, do not hesitate to use general address (e-mail: )  and your enquiry will be forwarded to the right addressee. If you agree with the department about the goals of your stay the invitation letter will be sent to you. As soon as you receive the Invitation letter you may proceed your relocation (depending on your citizenship: EU/Non-EU).


The Welcome to Vilnius workshop covers an array of themes, from the most important legal issues to integrating smoothly into the local community. Experts representing a number of relevant institutions will guide you through the basics, day-to-day life, and even the more complex issues.

Moreover, the guided tour we’ll take you one is definitely going to make you feel like a local in just a couple of hours. So, get ready for some tips and tricks about where to eat, what to do with your leisure time, where to get the best cup of coffee, and how to enjoy Vilnius to the fullest.

This service is provided by Go Vilnius and is free of charge.

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