7 May 2021

The Arqus Alliance Celebrates the Europe Day with the Ode to Joy

9th May is the Day of Europe, a day to celebrate the European Union and that, once upon a time, 71 years ago, Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Europe...

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6 May 2021

VU Attracts Attention of Prospective Business: Special Scholarships for Students, a New Laboratory for Researchers

On 5 May, Vilnius University (VU) and UAB TELTONIKA IoT GROUP signed a cooperation agreement to develop research and business and to improve VU study programmes in areas that align...

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5 May 2021

VU Library Invites to Contribute to the Improvement of the Provided Services

Some of the most important things that Vilnius University (VU) Library aims to provide are services that meet the needs of all its users, comfortable and user-friendly environment and qualified...

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3 May 2021

The Arqus Academy Week Kicks Off Today

The Arqus Academy Week 2021, hosted by Vilnius University, has started today with an Opening session where Dorothy Kelly, Coordinator of the Arqus Alliance, as well as the leaders of...

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30 April 2021

Exploring Grain Size Variation in Prehistoric Central Asian Barley

Over the past ten millennia, barley has followed humanity across the ancient world and evolved to more extreme ecologies than any other crop. From the fjords of far northern Europe...

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29 April 2021

VU Education Expert Renata Bilbokaitė: “There Would be no Doctors or Judges Without Teachers”

A century ago, the profession of an educator was considered prestigious and not everyone was able to pursue it. Over the past decade, however, the role of educators has decreased. Prof...

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