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2022 m. March 18 d.

Collection Points for Hygiene Products for Ukrainians Are Open in VU Units

The Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University (VU LSC) and...

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2022 m. March 14 d.

VU Political Analyst Jurkonis: Putin Will Be History Very Soon

The Kremlin regards the success story of Ukraine as an...

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2022 m. March 10 d.

2022 m. March 8 d.

VU Psychologists Advise on How to Deal With Disinformation

Confusion is currently prevailing in society, making it more vulnerable...

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2022 m. March 2 d.

Vilnius University: We Will Not Tolerate Discrimination and Disinformation against Russian-Speaking Students

The information about Russian-speaking students expelled from European universities is...

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2022 m. February 28 d.

VU Choirs Invite to Perform a Ukrainian Folk Song Together

Vilnius University (VU) choirs Gaudeamus, Pro Musica and Virgo, invite...

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