Procedure of Granting Memory Diploma

Inquiry for Awarding the Memory Diploma

Sukurta: 31 March 2017



When submitting an inquiry regarding the commemoration of a person by the Memory Diploma of Vilnius University, please in a most accurate manner fill in the questionnaire.

A questionnaire must be sent by an e-mail or by regular mail to the Vilnius University Museum, Universiteto St. 3, Vilnius LT-01513.

The date of a questionnaire dispatch determines its place in the queue of the inquiries.  

The entire information provided in the questionnaire is confidential and shall be used only for the research to identify the member of Vilnius University community.  

Please note that during the research the certain circumstances under which the Memory diploma could not be awarded to the person you proposed may become known. The Memory Diploma Award Commission has responsibility to inform you about the research results.

The Memory Diploma will not be awarded under the following circumstances:

  • if evidence of collaboration with political and police structures of totalitarian regimes is determined;
  • if the individual was dismissed from his/her job, or his/her studies were terminated after Vilnius University was closed by Nazi occupying authorities on 17 March 1943;
  • if the individual withdrew from Vilnius University voluntarily;
  • if the individual was expelled from Vilnius University due to his/her unsatisfactory academic performance;
  • if reasonable evidence is obtained that certain facts in the biography of the person are incompatible with the content and the concept of the Memory Diploma.