The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship

Sukurta: 20 August 2020

Apply for The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship is a special scholarship offered by Vilnius University for the applicants (including students who are transferring in the middle of their program. You can find more information on this subject here) from the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Ukraine in order to help the citizens of those countries to get established in Lithuania, during the 1st year of studies at Vilnius University.

This scholarship provides a monthly grant of 200,00 EUR per month for the duration of 10 months for the most talented students who have been victims of repressions of the regime to cover living expenses in the first year of studies.

Last year scholarship was granted to 42 students from Ukraine and Belarus. 


  • Ukrainian or Belarusian citizenship, an applicant must not be a student of higher education institutions of foreign countries other than the Republic of Belarus or the Republic of Ukraine.
  • To be accepted to study at Vilnius University.

After the student is accepted to Vilnius University, he/she has to apply for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship:

  • Fill in an application with the request for the Scholarship. The motivational letter must be included.
  • Submit school (secondary or equivalent) graduation certificate. If an applicant has already obtained higher education degree, he/she has to submit copies of the bachelor’s and/or master’s degree and its appendix or certificates of previous study results.

Apply for your studies at Vilnius University

Please take a look at the full list of programs currently available at Vilnius University and apply before 1st of August (this extended deadline only applies to applicants from Belarus). You will be able to apply for both state-funded and non-state-funded study places.

In case you have already taken some courses in your home country, after admissions, you will be able to submit an application to the Academic Unit (Faculty) for the possibility of not repeating the courses.


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