Find your place to stay

1. VU Guest house. Vilnius university has apartments in the city’s center and you may take a look.

2. Private accommodation for rent (provided by Vilnius Municipality’s branch GoVilnius ). If you are planning to stay In Vilnius longer here you may find topics what to know before renting apartments in Vilnius

3. Step by Step Guide to Renting in Vilnius

Declare your place of residence

EU-citizens long term stay (if stay longer than 3 months) or Non-EU citizens long term stay (if you apply for Temporary Resident Permit).
Once you have secured accommodation, you are required to officially declare your new place of residence at the designated local governmental institution. This then makes you eligible to receive various services, such as childcare. If you are not the property owner, it is essential that you obtain written consent that you are able to use the rented address as your declared place of residence

Child Care and Schools

1. Private Kindergarten & Schools
2. More & other services

Bringing your Pet

Bringing your Car:

1. Registering a personal vehicle
2. Vehicle insurance. All vehicles in Lithuania must be insured through a national insurance company. Prices are relatively affordable and are calculated using formulas specific to each insurance company.
3. Driving in Vilnius

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