For visiting professors/researchers


If you are interested in conducting research or teaching at the Vilnius university, you must first contact a department/faculty that you may talk about the possibility of that department hosting you.  The department will send you an Invitation letter and other necessary documents (if visa or temporary residence permit is required).

Contacts in the faculties.

Requirements for entry

EU countries

Citizens of the 25 states that belong to the Schengen area have the right to travel without visas and border control.

Schengen area is composed of:

  • 22 EU member states: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,  Slovakia, Slovenia,  Spain and Sweden;
  • 3 non-EU states: Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. From December 12, 2008 Switzerland abolished checks on persons at internal land borders within the Schengen area and from March 29, 2009 will abolished check on persons at air borders within the Schengen area.
Non-EU countries

For short term visits = Shangen visa

A Shangen visa can be issued to a foreigner who is not a citizen of a European Union member and  covers a short-stay period of a maximum of 90 days (three months) within a six-month period and allows the holder to travel freely between all of the Schengen member states. People that have Residence Permits Within the EU do not need Visas. A valid residence permit issued by a Schengen Member State and a travel document are enough to go to another Schengen state for a short visit without a visa.

For long term visits = Temporary residence permit

A permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania can be issued to a foreigner who is not a citizen of a European Union member state. It is usually issued for one year, but also can be issued for a shorter term.

An application for a first-time residence permit and other documents are to be submitted to a diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, and in case a foreigner is in the Republic of Lithuania legally – to the migration office of a territorial police unit, in the territory covered by which the foreigner has an intention to reside. A foreigner’s application for a first-time residence permit must be examined no later than within 6 months as of the submission of the application to a relevant institution, and in case of a foreigner holding a long-term residence permit issued by a European Union member state – within 4 months as of the submission of the application to a relevant institution


If you intend to work in Lithuania by contract, you must obtain a permit to work in Lithuania before applying for a residence permit.

Vilnius university  will handle the documents needed to obtain a work permit (work permits for foreign residents are issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange –

The application of an employer for the issuance of a work permit to a foreign resident must be analysed and processed within 2 months. A work permit is issued for no longer than 2 years and indicates the particular company that the foreign resident will work at.

Work and residence permits in Lithuania will automatically become void upon termination of the employment contract with the employer who obtained a permit for you to work in Lithuania.

When starting to work, it is necessary to sign a Labour contract and to obtain a social security (SODRA) certificate, see

Social Insurance Fund

Following the Law on Social Services of the Republic of Lithuania, foreigner, holding a permanent or temporary residence permit are entitled to social services in the Republic of Lithuania.

Health care

The health care system is administered by the Ministry of Health ( and at the local level by the territorial patients’ funds ( To contact a medical institution, you must be insured by compulsory health insurance, voluntary insurance, insurance at an insurance company of your choice, or you must pay for the services yourself.

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