Structure of the Report

The main purpose of the Report is to present the University research structure as well as the research activities at Vilnius University in 2018.
At the beginning, some general information about Vilnius University is presented. Here you will find a description of the main research areas, research priorities and information on the organisation of research at the University.
The second part provides information about the University’s principal research support units.
The third and largest part of the report is devoted to more detailed information on research at separate faculties and departments of the University. This section is arranged according to the following scheme: first, information about the faculty followed by information concerning separate departments.
Information about the faculties is presented according to the following scheme:

  • Address, phone, e-mail, the Dean
  • Main research areas
  • Doctoral theses defended in 2018
  • Conferences organized in 2018

Information about the departments is presented in the following way:

  • Contact information, the Head
  • Staff
  • Research interests
  • Research projects carried out in 2018
  • Main publications in 2018
  • Main R&D&I (research, development and innovation) partners
  • Other scientific activities (participation: in the organizing committees of international and national conferences, in editing international and national journals, in international and national expert boards; election to foreign and national science academies, awards – international, national and title prizes, grants; best reports delivered at conferences abroad; most important participation cases of researchers; consultations provided; most important research dissemination activities etc.).
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