English Studies (Literature, Linguistics, Culture)


Scope of studies and length
120 ECTS credits, 2 years


Qualification awarded
Master in Humanities


Application period
1 January - 1 June/15 July*




Tuition fee per year*
4 787€


Start of studies
1 September


The English Studies programme provides an excellent opportunity to acquire a specialist qualification in English literature, culture studies and linguistics. It is a broadly interdisciplinary programme concerned with both the theoretical and empirical analysis of the role of the English language, culture and literature in modern society. The programme consists of three equally balanced blocks of general and subject-specific courses in linguistics, literature and culture.
The programme not only develops students' subject-specific competences but also provides them with competences necessary to specialise in other fields.
Studies are closely related to the individualisation and differentiation of the study process, development of social skills, principles of study content integration, application of relevant modern methods of teaching and learning.

Why Vilnius University?

  • Global outlook: 900+ international students from 74 different countries.
  • Among the top 500 universities worldwide (QS).
  • European Union diploma.

What's after?

  • Academic field (research in literature, culture and linguistics and teaching literary and language courses at higher education institutions). 
  • Other diverse areas (editing, translation, lexicography, proofreading and publishing activities, work in literary archives and museums, and various other public institutions and organizations), in which practical application of the acquired knowledge is required.
  • The qualifications acquired by the graduates of the programme can also be applied in broader areas, including employment in publishing houses specialising in literature for the general public, career in the media focused on scientific, professional and cultural issues, as well as work as translators of fictional and scientific texts.


"I joined the MA in English Studies at VU with the general goal of deepening my knowledge in literature and English, and the specific goal of becoming a better writer. In practical terms, the program gave me what I needed to hone skills complimentary to automation and technology in general, not substitute to it (we can't compete with machines). Thanks to this, I have shaped my path into an area of increasing relevance and opportunity – marketing and communications. Creativity can't be replaced, and as a comprehensive study on how creativity works, this MA helped me adapt my skill set to the job market, and much more."

Santiago Jurkšaitis, Content editor at Panalpina, Prague, Czech Republic

* Application deadline:

1 June | for applicants from non-EU/EFTA countries
15 July | for applicants who do not need a Lithuanian visa and non-EU/EFTA applicants, if there is a Lithuanian embassy in their home country