Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics


Scope of studies and length
120 ECTS credits, 2 years


Qualification awarded
Master in Physical Sciences


Application period
1 January - 1 June/15 July*




Tuition fee per year
4 787€


Start of studies
1 September


During four semesters of studies, students get hands onto parallel computing methods for scientific applications, computational optimization approaches and artificial intelligence as compulsory courses. Apart from that, they can choose from a range of theoretical physics and astrophysics courses, which include mathematical modelling, non-local mathematical physics, physical kinetics, spectrometry, data mining, star atmospheres, advanced statistical physics, response theory, cosmology, quantum theory of atoms and molecules, quantum information, low-temperature physics, quantum thermodynamics, physics of galaxies. In addition to that, every semester students join research groups for practice and experiencing the research.

Why this programme?

  • Present technologies of multi-scale supercomputing in a broad range of problems require specialists with original and creative mindset reinforced by scientific theoretical tools of material science. Our program prepares such specialists.
  • This is achieved by learning the latest "unfinished" subjects of theoretical physics and practising scientific research interfaced with supercomputing and emerging quantum computing.

What's after?

  • Our graduates are welcome in strategical positions in various companies: data mining and analysis, decision-making and optimization.
  • Positions range from financial organizations, public administration, and international businesses.
  • Joining academic and research institutions worldwide guarantee carrier in the academic area.
  • Software development in R&D companies.

* Application deadline:

1 June | for applicants from non-EU/EFTA countries
15 July | for applicants who do not need a Lithuanian visa and non-EU/EFTA applicants, if there is a Lithuanian embassy in their home country