Optical radiation power meter – Newport 1918-R with detector 818E

Sukurta: 21 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Optical radiation power meter, Newport, charge carrier extraction by linearly increasing voltage, CELIV, photo-CELIV, TOF
Responsible person: Kristijonas Genevičius, +370 5 223 4553, Gytis Juška, +370 5 223 4554, Nerijus Nekrašas, Mindaugas Viliūnas, +370 5 223 4563,

Device is suitable for Ccharge carrier extraction by linearly increasing voltage (photo-CELIV), time of flight method (TOF)

Frequency up to 300Hz;
Measuring the power of individual pulses and collecting statistics;
Wave length: 190-2000nm;
Maximum pulse power: (1064nm) 0.85J;
Maximum pulse duration: 400µs;
Detector area: 1.4cm2;
Accuracy: ±3% (1064nm).