Innovative Enterprises

Innovative Enterprises

Sukurta: 17 September 2018

Vilnius University encourages the members of academic community to establish companies for the development of R&D solutions that were created when performing R&D activities at Vilnius University.

May you consider establishing innovative enterprise to commercialize R&D based idea, contact the Innovation Office of Science and Innovation Department (). Innovation Office provides consultations on:

  • intellectual property protection and management,
  • licensing of technologies,
  • start-up team formation,
  • partner search,
  • raising of investments and funding,
  • innovative business development,
  • science-business collaboration issues.

The following are innovative enterprises established by researchers and/or students of Vilnius University:


MB „Femta“

  • The company manufactures portable systems for laser cleaning and provides laser and plasma cutting and laser cleaning services.

MB „Platformina“

  • develops fluorescence microscopy-based platforms for nucleic acid protein research at the level of single molecules
  • searches for new proteins or other biomolecules and surface modification methods to improve the characteristics of the fluorescence microscopy-based platforms
  • performs fluorescence microscopy-based studies of nucleic acid proteins at the level of single molecules

UAB ,,Emocinis balansas" (Mindletic)

  • employee mental health analytics and digital solution for improving resilience, predicting & preventing emotional imbalance.

MB „Optimalistai“

  • develops innovative tools based on operations research methods;
  • develops a smart full cargo transportation planning system.

UAB „Biomatter Designs“

  • designs new biomolecules currently not existing in nature at the interface of synthetic biology and artificial intelligence.

MB „BebrasLT“

  • promotes informatics and computational thinking.

UAB „CasZyme“

  • develops CRISPR technology based molecular tools and searchers for new Cas proteins that could be used as new generation molecular tools for gene editing.

UAB „Ledakis“

  • creates and produces compact integrated lights for bicycles.

UAB „NanoAvionika“

  • a nanosatellite mission integrator focused on delivering new generation satellite buses and propulsion systems for the satellite applications market.

UAB „Bioanalizės sistemos“

  • produces multi-functional biosensor devices.

UAB „Ubique calculus“

  • offers software for modelling of chemical, biochemical and electrochemical reactions and experimental data analysis.

Platelet BioGenesis Inc

  • produces scalable, pluripotent stem cell-derived (donor-independent) human platelets.

UAB „ThermoPharma Baltic“

  • develops novel chemical entities as drug candidates.

UAB „Ledigma“

  • designs, develops and produces smart lighting control systems.

UAB „Lidaris“

  • provides services and consultations to companies and research centers, that develop optics and laser systems as well as those who sell or buy large amount of optics.

UAB „IMD technologies“

  • develops biocatalytic technologies and produces biopolyol and epoxidized oil from natural materials.

UAB „Femtika“

  • supplies tools and technologies enabling true 3D laser fabrication, with custom design components in micro- and sub micro scale.

UAB „Profarma“

  • develops added value biopharmaceuticals and generic pharmaceuticals.

UAB „Baltymas“

  • develops and optimizes recombinant yeast-expressed proteins.

UAB „Optola“

  • produces solid-state and fiber lasers, laser components.

UAB „Anrena“

  • offers navigation, product search and client flow analysis for big supermarkets.

MB „Sekos“

  • works with Hantavirus proteins application in diagnosis.

UAB „Eteronas“

  • produces flat masked satellite antenna

UAB „Lokacijos sistemos“

  • develops and provides innovative customer in-door and outdoor tracking and queue management solutions.

MB "Laboratorijų automatizavimo sprendimai"

  • produces open source medium size orbital shaker for various chemistry and microbiology applications.

UAB „Nomads“

  • develops agronomic traits and plant-expressed biopharmaceuticals.