Innovation Club

Innovation Club

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What is an Innovation Club?

Vilnius University seeks to contribute to changes - the progress of the state, the welfare of society and advanced solutions in our daily life. For the most curious - being aware of the latest inventions is very important, but getting involved together in the search for new solutions is of greater value. Eventually, successful collaboration often starts with a cup of coffee, sincere conversation or a smile. Therefore, we present Innovation Club - science and business networking platform. Innovation Club will present interesting discussions as well as encourage researchers and business representatives meeting up at networking events.

What is Innovation Club intended for?

Innovation Club invites business enterprises, social and academic partners, who are interested in Vilnius University R&D based solutions, meeting with university researchers, offering topics for discussions relevant to business or public sector organizations and getting acquainted with R&D-based solutions, technologies, innovations and success stories of science-business cooperation. For researchers, Innovation Club events open up opportunities of short-term escapes from the whirlpool of their daily routines, meet with colleagues from other faculties, neighboring labs and gain inspiration for future research. Finally, for all other curious attendees, Innovation Club allows following dynamic pulse of science and innovation of Vilnius University.

When do Innovation Club events take place?

In order to find out about the upcoming Innovation Club events, please, subscribe to the innovations@VU newsletter and follow the news on the Vilnius University website and its social networks.

,,Sciene Solutions 360°"

The discussion cycle "Science Solutions 360 °" is one of Innovation Club activities. This title reflects the nature of the debate: innovations and solutions reviewed as broadly and deeply as it is possible - at a 360° angle!

Past events


Vilnius University Innovation Day ,,INNODAY"

Innovation Day is a great opportunity for business, social and academic partners to hear the success stories of Vilnius University (VU) cooperation with business and researchers' entrepreneurship and to get acquainted with the research carried out at the university.




Activities of the Innovation Club are implemented under the project “Promotion Entrepreneurship Culture at Vilnius University” financed by the EU Structural Funds (01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-04-0006)

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