Technological Business Incubator

Technological Business Incubator

Sukurta: 17 September 2018

Technological Business Incubator is located in Saulėtekis avenue, alongside Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University. Incubator is nearby to academic institutions like National Center for Physical and Technology Sciences, Scholarly and Information Communication Center, Vilnius University Faculty of Law, together with the Faculty of Physics, Communication Faculty and Faculty of Economics and Management. Therefore, professionals of the highest qualification, R&D services and modern infrastructure are easily accessible.

Technological Business Incubator residents – innovative start-ups that focus on life sciences and related fields – have possibilities to select services that are necessary for successful business development. These services include access to laboratories and technical rooms, office space as well as a selection of services provided by Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park: consultation on legal, intellectual property management, business development issues, raising of investment and/or funding, accountancy, marketing, validation/testing of products and services as well as consultations on commercialization, etc. The incubation period in the Technological Business Incubator is up to 5 years..

The following companies have already taken an advantage of working in the Technological Business Incubator: UAB „Satimed“, UAB „Thermopharma Baltic“, UAB „Diagnolita“, UAB „Spila“, UAB „Droplet Genomics“, MB „Sekos“, UAB „Baltymas“, UAB „CasZyme“UAB ,,Experimentica".

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