Life Sciences Center

Unit: Life Sciences Center
Keywords: Biosciences, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, botany, genetics, ecology, environmental, microbiology, neurobiology, biophysics, zoology, bioassay, bioelectrochemistry, biospectroscopy, biological model, xenobiotics, cell, proteomics, bioorganic compound, proteins, nucleic acids, bioinformatics, biotermodynamics, medicines research, DNA modification, eukaryotes genes, immunobiology, cell biology, microtechnology, applied biocatalysis


Ramidus AB

Synthon Chemicals GmbH

Polypure AS

Bapeks SIA

UAB „Thermofisher Scientific Baltics“

UAB „Elymus“

UAB „Biotecha“

UAB „Ekorama“

UAB „Vilniaus Ventos puslaidininkiai“

AB „Amilina“

„Abcam Ltd“

„Euroimmun AG“

„Arc Dia International Oy Ltd“

UAB „Profarma“

UAB „Baltymas“

„Santa Cruz Biotechnology“

UAB „Imunodiagnostika“

AB „Naujoji Ringuva“

UAB „Biocentras“

UAB „Bioenergy LT“

UAB „Biorro“

ŽŪK „Pienas LT“

UAB „Probiosanus“UAB „Vita Baltic“


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